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Buying a company involves several challenges

Anyone who is planning to buy a company will face a range of questions and challenges at every stage of the process – from analysing the target, through to adapting processes and managing the acquisition target’s impact on the balance sheet.

ESG criteria can also become a decisive value driver when buying a company. Our experienced and passionate team supports you before, during and after the acquisition process to make sure you master every challenge you face.

Your situation

You’ve got questions, we provide answers

You’re planning an acquisition, which means you’re going to face a wide range of questions and challenges before you finalise your decision. You’re also going to face questions around decisive success factors after you’ve committed to making an acquisition, as well as during the acquisition process and after signing. What are the most important considerations when it comes to increasing the value of the target company? What role do ESG criteria play in this? What effect will it have on your balance sheet and KPIs? How should you reflect the impact of the acquisition in your accounts? Should you integrate the target company’s financial reporting processes into the rest of your company? Our consultancy will always reflect your unique deal process: We support you before, during and after you buy a company.

Our offer

Together, we can master any challenge – no matter how complex

Our team is ready to support you by sharing our decades of experience in transactions, our expertise from across industries and our passion for deal advice, boosted by the latest technology. Whether you are interested in buying a company, selling a company or making an Initial Public Offering (IPO), our M&A team is your partner in every phase of the transaction process. We take both the buyer’s and seller’s perspectives into account to give you comprehensive information and create a solid foundation for decision-making. We support you with every aspect of due diligence, including detailed assessments of all relevant factors – you can find details about due diligence that is relevant for your needs by visiting our Business Diligence area. We conduct detailed analysis on the acquisition target, from assessing strengths and weaknesses through to creating an accurate value assessment. In this way, we support you in introducing value-adding measures as quickly and effectively as possible once the deal is complete. ESG diligence identifies key ESG criteria and value creation opportunities early in the transaction process, determines ESG positioning within the competitive environment, and considers the effect on the investment's financial KPIs. Our team can support you in the implementation of the right tax-related and legal structures for your acquisition by combining our longstanding expertise in tax, financing and accounting, together with our deep industry knowledge. We can also support you in the valuation process, and help generate an overview of how the purchase price is distributed across the relevant assets and liabilities. We promise to accompany you throughout every stage in the transaction process. We can also provide support during strategic and operational post-merger integration activities, as well as with managing the acquisitions impact on the balance sheet and developing sustainable tax strategies for long-term success. We are one of the world’s leading auditing and consultancy organisations, and we are able to share our expertise in financial reporting – from IFRS to US GAAP, Chinese GAAP or other national or regional requirements.

Our promise

You can count on us to be professional and target-oriented – and to make sure you don’t face any surprises. We believe your deal is our deal. Together, we’ll make your deal a success – even in times of great change.

You can trust our team to understand your company and use our comprehensive industry expertise to make your deal a success. We react quickly, we’re collaborative and we adapt our tools to fit your unique situation. By combining high-performance technology and the expert knowledge of our experienced team, we’re able to identify even the hidden potential value. Our goal is to consistently evaluate all of the available options to help you make the best possible decisions.

“Company acquisition” is part of our transaction advice. An overview of all our consulting services you can find here.

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Erik Hummitzsch

Erik Hummitzsch

Member of the Management Board, Deal Advisory Leader and Co-Leader Consulting Solutions, PwC Germany