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Florian Nöll

Florian Nöll
EMEA Startups, Scaleups & Venturing Leader at PwC Germany
Tel: +49 160 9059-1673

Creating the future together

In a digital and highly competitive world, innovation is of great importance for corporates and our society in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow and shape our own future. We are convinced that these challenges can best be tackled together.

The multidisciplinary experts at PwC's NextLevel Initiative help you define your innovation strategy, identify potential collaboration partners and find your place in the innovation ecosystem to drive your business forward. 

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Collaboration with Startups

As a corporate it can be difficult to find the right startup for you. No worries – the CwS program can help: We only introduce you to startups that really fit you and your business.

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Scale Programm Partner

Get to know the most promising European startups and find the right cooperation partners through our successful PwC Scale Programme. Define for yourself which startups you would like to work with, and partner up with our a 10-week programme in which our PwC experts prepare the startups for potential collaborations.

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Corporate Venture Capital

Established companies show increasing interest in collaboration with startups to benefit from young technology pioneers. Thus, they pursue financial and strategic returns. The latter in particular is a future-oriented investment for companies - for example in new technologies or digital talent. Find out how you can benefit from Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) and which questions you should consider.

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Ecosystem Strategy Consulting

What are ecosystem business models? In short, all business models that offer customers significantly greater added value than any individual market participant could through the joint value proposition of a wide variety of network partners (including those from outside the industry).


The future belongs to ecosystems – in the future, a large proportion of global sales will be generated by companies that operate as part of an ecosystem. Both digital platforms and strong partnerships as well as a human-centric view will be essential for many companies in the coming years, whether to generate higher growth through new business models or as a strategy against threatening disruption of existing business.

Thanks to a unique methodology developed in research and validated in practice, and our many years of experience in strategy and innovation consulting, PwC is able to successfully accompany you on this path and master the challenges together with yo

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This is how we live innovation at PwC (German only)

Business ecosystems are the future: Strong partnerships accelerate the development of digital solutions and products. Innovation, growth and resilience are the result. Find out how PwC initiates and participates in these ecosystems.

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Florian Noell

Florian Noell

EMEA Startups, Scaleups & Venturing Leader, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 160 90591673

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Serge Reh

Corporate Innovation, PwC Germany

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Philipp Pilat

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