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While Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and its capital Schwerin are well worth a visit, the region and city have far more to offer than tourist attractions like its impressive natural and cultural landscape. In the last few years in particular, all signs point to an economic upturn. This is due to the many innovative and courageous family businesses and medium-sized companies who know how to make best use of the location’s many advantages: a strong maritime economy, the clusters that have grown over 30 years such as the food and healthcare sectors, and of course the proximity to the ports. From the Schwerin office, 25 PwC employees support the local economy and the public sector in driving this positive development forward. In addition to a wide service portfolio, ranging from financing and auditing to tax advice, the team in Schwerin also offers expertise in the public sector and the maritime industry.

Karin Meyer zu Bergsten
Tel.: +49 385 59241-25

“I have been working extensively for the public sector in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for 17 years, in particular in the area of state loan guarantees, for which PwC is the responsible mandatary. Through this work, I have come to know many family-run businesses and dynamic medium-sized companies. I think it’s great that our local companies are creative and willing to change, but at the same time are well aware of their roots. That fits with what I offer my clients: commitment, competence, reliability and plenty of new ideas for the future.”

Karin Meyer zu Bergsten, Head of Office, PwC Schwerin

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Karin Meyer zu Bergsten

Karin Meyer zu Bergsten

Head of Office, PwC Schwerin, Specialist area: medium-sized business financing, maritime economy issues, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 385 59241-25

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