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The era of quantum computing is here

Quantum computers have long stopped being merely a topic of research. In recent years, industry and politics have paid ever-closer attention to this ground-breaking technology. Leading technology companies, research institutions and start-ups are investing billions in research and building of quantum computers. The new computing generation is based on the laws of quantum mechanics and far surpasses conventional supercomputers in many application areas. The first use cases can be tested on quantum computers thanks to the access through the cloud. For visionary companies, the time has come to prepare for the new era.

“We will support you in taking on a pioneering role in the market, and in already laying the groundwork for the future employment of computing power on a completely new scale.”

Memik Inel,Cloud & Digital, PwC Germany

How quantum computers are being used

Quantum computers are smashing through the current technological limits in many areas and opening unimagined possibilities in numerous areas.

Quantum optimization

During optimization, the best solution for a problem is found from a series of possible options, while the desired result and any limitations must be taken into account. With their enormous computing power, quantum computers are especially well suited to mathematical optimization problems that even “conventional” supercomputers are unable to solve. Potential applications range from the optimization of supply chains through the portfolio optimization of financial services to the development of intelligent electricity grids. 

Quantum simulations

Quantum computers offer undreamt-of potential in simulation technology in particular. Efficient quantum algorithms enable the simulation of materials or (bio-)chemical processes at speeds over 100 million times faster than conventional computers. This has a wide range of applications, for example in pharmaceutical or materials development, in industrial processes, in data processing and in the energy sector.

Quantum security

For security, quantum computers have begun a new era. Cryptographic procedures such as the widely-used RSA encryption are becoming vulnerable. Post-quantum cryptography is therefore researching encryption methods for the era of quantum computing.

“Quantum computing will fundamentally transform the approach taken to perform complex calculations and design simulation and forecasting models. The required technical implementations for quantum effects are already in a useable state of development today.”

Marco Wolter,Senior Manager, PwC Germany

How we can help you


We will work with you to develop a purposeful strategy

What strategic relevance have quantum computers for your organization? What business potential is there behind quantum computers? In what direction is the market developing? At what stage of maturity is your organization? What are the costs, and what will the benefits be for you? We will work together with you to investigate the potential of the new technology for your company, and we will develop a strategy with which you can achieve your goals.


We will help you to realize your potential

What do you need in order to be able to use quantum computers? What use cases are suitable for you? How do you introduce quantum computers in your organization? How do you prepare your organization for this technology? With many years’ experience in the implementation of new technologies, and using tried and tested approaches, we will support you in laying the right groundwork to be able to embark successfully into the world of quantum computers.


We will support you in relevant ecosystems

How can your company position itself strongly in a quantum computing ecosystem? How can you use partnerships and promotional opportunities to achieve your goals? What partners can cover your requirements? With our broad network, we will help you to find suitable cooperation partners and forge the right alliances.


We will implement your ideas

How can your company reliably implement identified and individual application scenarios? How do you begin with development? We will get stuck into the operational implementation with you and we will help you to realize your vision.

“Quantum algorithms already work today! And they are faster than established methods for many questions from the field of data analysis optimization and applications. Intelligent hybrid algorithms and rapid simultaneous progress in quantum hardware are now rapidly expanding the bandwidth of resolvable control problems.”

Dr. Alexander Dotterweich,Partner, Risk Modelling, PwC Germany


We will help you to strengthen your security

What relevance do quantum computers have to security? How will they make you fit for the future? What do you already need to be aware of today? What encryption methods are future-proof? We will advise you on everything to do with the security-related aspects of emerging quantum technologies.

"66% of the German participants surveyed in our global digital trust study see cybercrime as the greatest threat – and are the least prepared for attacks. Quantum computing will be at the center of future cyber threats."

Dr. Silvia Knittl,Director, Cyber Security & Privacy at PwC Germany

Quantum computing

Quantum computers are far superior to conventional supercomputers in numerous areas of application. For companies with a vision, now is the time to tap into the business potential of this technology. We will assist you in taking on a pioneering role within the market and in charting your course today – so that you can harness computing power that will be on a whole new level tomorrow.

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Selected industries with a quantum computing focus

Automotive industry

Electric vehicles only have a limited range today. Quantum computers offer enormous optimization potential here. Molecular simulations and quantum algorithms are expected, for example, to help to achieve new breakthroughs in the development of battery technologies, leading to longer ranges. Computers operating on the basis of qubits rather than bits will therefore play a key role in the ongoing development of electro mobility.

Financial services

Complex simulations and optimization problems are part and parcel of finance and insurance. Examples here include creditworthiness checks or risk analysis during transactions. Calculations like this, which involve the flow of a large volume of complex information, can take several hours today. Quantum computers offer the possibility of completing such tasks in a fraction of this time by resolving them using highly sophisticated algorithms, thereby significantly improving efficiency and profitability.


Quantum computers are not only thrilling the world of IT, they are also opening up hitherto undreamt-of possibilities in the world of healthcare. The most important applications include shortening trial-and-error periods during the development of pharmaceutical products and more accurate forecasting for the effect of medicines through detailed simulations. In the pharmaceutical industry, the technology offers the potential for more accurate systems in the field of cancer diagnostics.

Transport and logistics

Route and transport planning is a highly complex and CPU-intensive field. Factors such as the traffic situation and the weather are often very difficult to predict. With their greater computing power, quantum computers can process far more relevant parameters and information in a shorter period of time. With the aid of real-time optimizations and weather simulations they offer enormous potential for the optimization of supply chains – which makes the technology of interest for companies across a very wide range of industries.

Technology, media and telecommunications

Further application areas for quantum computers can be found in the optimization and securing of telecommunications networks in the TMT area. Vast volumes of data and information are transferred online around the world every day. This data transfer is generally encrypted through the exchange of keys between the sender and receiver. Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technologies have the potential to significantly improve security here in telecommunications networks. This is attributable to the following fundamental aspect: The process of measuring – or of unauthorized access to – a quantum system disrupts the system overall. In other words, a third party that tries to eavesdrop on the key will trigger detectable anomalies and can be unmasked as a cyberattack.


Renewable energies will increasingly be used in Germany as part of the energy transition. As a result, energy supply will become increasingly dependent on the prevailing weather conditions and will also be distributed across decentralized power generation units. Energy systems will become increasingly complex as a result, due to the growing number of mutually interacting parameters. In this context, quantum computers provide reliable simulations and control thanks to their enormous computing capacity. They also allow the intelligent integration and reconciliation of the many different components of the energy system. This results in highly complex systems that can be calculated using millions of parameters in an extremely short period of time.

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“Quantum computers herald a new era in the world of information technology. Those who can recognize the opportunities and risks for their own company at an early stage will be able to carefully position themselves as a pioneer.”

Sebastian Paas,Partner at PwC Germany
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