From strategy to implementation

From strategy to the operational reality of Industry 4.0

If you want to successfully implement strategies and achieve your goals in Industry 4.0, then your operating model, structures, processes and skills have to be right. Even innovation management – in artificial intelligence, for example – will only succeed if company processes function smoothly. As a result, operational excellence plays an important role in almost all strategic decisions – throughout the entire value chain, from your raw materials to your customers.

Our experts help companies to transform strategies and new operating models into a reality, and to achieve real competitive advantages through optimised processes. And we do this because innovative companies with holistic value chains grow faster, generate more revenue and are more successful in the long term – as proven by a PwC study.

Our solutions

Supply chain management

Increased transparency and efficiency for your supply chain

We will work with you to identify potential for optimisation throughout your value chain and develop a differentiated supply chain strategy tailored to the needs of your markets and customers. Our services include the following core areas:

  • Strategic supply chain management and target operating models
  • Integrated supply chain planning and execution
  • End-to-end supply chain transparency
  • Logistics, order management and fulfilment
  • Supply chain data and prescriptive supply chain analytics


Business and digitalisation working in sustainable harmony

We have all the expertise you need to turn your procurement function into a value driver. In all projects, our procurement experts work with clients every day to significantly strengthen the positioning of procurement. Our holistic procurement optimisation services, from strategy and design to implementation and system rollout, are divided into two main areas:

Business enablement

  • Procurement maturity assessment
  • Target operating model and procurement transformation
  • Automating and digitalising processes
  • Sourcing excellence – direct and indirect
  • Managed services
  • Spend analytics

Digital enablement

  • E-procurement solutions
  • Integrated solutions

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Smart manufacturing

Making the move to digital production processes

Our experts are here to help you establish smart, integrated and end-to-end factory processes in your company: from vision and strategy, process optimisation and integrated IT architecture all the way to transformation and implementation.

You get the benefits of our expertise as an end-to-end provider: flexible, reliable and global services. Our smart manufacturing services include:

  • Smart manufacturing strategy and transformation, including footprint
  • Digital lean manufacturing processes
  • Integrated production processes
  • Scalable IT architecture, including system evaluation (e.g. enterprise resource planning, manufacturing execution systems, computer-aided quality assurance)
  • Smart factory transformation, from top floor to shop floor
  • Implementing use cases and operationalize roadmaps (e.g. digital twins, automated transport systems)

Research and development

How to make R&D a digital champion

We can support you in efficiently and successfully positioning innovative Industry 4.0 products and services on the market. Targeted use of digital tools enables us to shorten development processes and improve the quality of your products and services. Our product innovation services include:

  • Innovation and development strategies
  • Digital services, innovation management and Industry 4.0
  • Transformation in R&D, operating models, organisational structure and footprint in R&D
  • Design-to-cost and design-to-value
  • Product and complexity management
  • Configuration, product and application lifecycle management (CLM, PLM and ALM)
  • Building information modelling (BIM)
  • Digital twins, agile development, data and analytics, AI
  • Product development and commercialisation processes, roles and responsibilities, tools and methods
  • Product cost optimisation/product value management (PVM), should-cost modelling and product cost structuring

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Compliance with due diligence requirements

Discover how to transform modern supply chain networks to improve resilience, agility, and sustainability for a brittle, anxious, non-linear, and incomprehensible (BANI) world. Our whitepaper explores the importance of transparency, flexibility, and connectivity, including specific use cases and a Q&A.

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Compliance with due diligence requirements

The draft due diligence law published in Germany poses challenges for many companies – so it’s high time to proactively address the issue, put global value chains to the test and ensure greater transparency.

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