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The success of products and product platforms is determined by two factors: the interaction of different disciplines during product development and the use of end-to-end IT systems. This starts with market strategy, continues through product architecture, development and purchasing, and ends with shop-floor design.

We bring these factors together to create a holistic approach. With our years of experience in this sector, interdisciplinary teams, global network and technical expertise, we are able to provide you with the support you need. In addition, we systematically combine market and product perspectives and help you achieve sustainable implementation of the necessary processes, organisational structures and system landscapes in your company in order to increase the efficiency of your product development. In this way, we support you not only with the development of successful products, but also in establishing sustainably efficient development organisations that promote innovation, customer orientation and flexibility.

“‘Breaking the Silos’ is more important today than ever before. The creation of successful products is only possible through a perfect interplay between different disciplines.”

Jan Göpfert, Partner at PwC Germany

Put your trust in our methods, our software solutions and the experience of our consultants.

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How will you shape your future product portfolio?

Winning products are the result of modular product architectures and platforms.

Cost optimisation from procurement to carbon footprint.

Our experts have research and development experience across all industry sectors.

Strategic R&D planning plus digital upskilling.

We support you in this process - transparently and from end to end.

To achieve sustainable product success, the disciplines must work together perfectly.

PwC software for footprint calculations of processes and products

The METUS software is the control centrecenter for product decisions.

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Winning products are the central factor for a company's success. Successful product development requires a seamless interaction between different parts of the business - all the way from sales, product management and development to the supply chain, manufacturing and service. Our end-to-end approach brings together all the relevant aspects:

  • We support with the definition of your product and platform strategy and align your product portfolio for the future.
  • We help you develop modular product platforms, product modularisation and building-block systems as the basis for configurable products - across disciplines for cyber-physical systems consisting of mechanics, electronics, and/or software.  
  • Product sustainability is now more important than ever before. That is why our ESG experts will guide you through the entire process - from strategy to implementation of the ideas. 
  • With our Product Value Management (PVM) team at your side, we will help you reduce product costs and leverage potential savings and other benefits along the entire value chain.
  • We align your product management and product development organisation to achieve maximum efficiency. We do this by optimising and digitising the relevant management and development processes.
  • Key levers for increasing productivity in product development are Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, as well as Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM), and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our experts can help you implement these systems by analysing, selecting and implementing an integrated engineering system landscape.
  • End-to-end data models allow the integration of upstream and downstream systems (especially ERP) and enable digitalisation up to successful PLM or the development of digital twins.
  • In order to successfully implement your projects, we rely on powerful technologies and software solutions - for example, the METUS methodology and software solution, which has been established for 25 years, or our Cost & Carbon Manager.

Winning Products 2023 – Breaking the Silos!

Winning products are the result of the interaction of different disciplines - from market strategy to product architecture, from development and purchasing to shop floor design - and based on end-to-end IT systems. high-profile speakers at the Winning Products Conference 2023 reported on how this can be achieved, sharing their solutions, project experiences and how barriers have been successfully overcome. World Cafés in the PwC Experience Centre also provided an opportunity to explore the latest developments and methods in practice - for example, in the areas of collaboration in product development, ESG, digital twins, cybersecurity, and the central topic of hydrogen technology.

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“Industrial R&D is in a constant state of flux driven by disruptions, technological trends and market changes.”

Thomas Göttle, Partner at PwC Germany

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Market flexibility and optimised inward flexibility

Successful businesses respond rapidly and flexibly to customer demands. But how can this be done in the face of a volatile environment?

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Product lifecycle management for digital pioneers

Product complexity, customer demands, sustainability, cyber security and compliance – how can you accelerate your product vision in the face of these challenges?

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Jochen-Thomas Morr

Jochen-Thomas Morr

Partner, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 171 843-2437

Dr. Jan Göpfert

Dr. Jan Göpfert

Partner, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 163 480-8828