Health Industries

Technical progress, individualized care and greater life expectancy characterize this sector in the same way as rising pressure on costs, the demand for increased efficiency and a growing trend towards concentration. The dynamic market presents health insurance funds, hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturers with a great deal of tasks. Integrated business models are a solution for meeting those tasks. And with PwC at your side you have a partner who is totally familiar with the prevailing conditions.

In order to be attractive for members, health insurance funds have to differentiate themselves from the rest in the face of hard competition, while at the same time working within their budgets although confronted with rising demands on services.

Hospitals also have to make precise calculations, combining both modernization and cost pressures at the same time. In addition, they have to combat dramatic developments in the lack of qualified staff and are repeatedly making the headlines as a result of discussions on quality.

The agenda of pharmaceutical manufacturers is also long: logistics, patent protection, emerging markets, sustainability – to name just a few points.

Dr. Volker Fitzner, Partner in the Health & Pharmaceutical Division:

In the future, there will be a great deal of change in the business model of pharmaceutical companies. One of the reasons: With personalized medicine, there is an increase in the possibilities for treating patients individually. This is based on the realization that patients with identical diagnoses can react differently to treatment with the same medication – so there is a need for treatment methods which are tailored to the patient’s genetic profile. In this way, the already complex value-added chain of pharmaceutical companies will develop from just a range of therapeutical applications to an integrated offer of diagnostics, biomarkers and therapeutical applications and services based on this. PwC’s experts in this sector advice clients in this respect and on a wide range of other topics in the pharmaceuticals market.

Everyone involved in the healthcare market is called upon to develop sustainable business models in order, in the end, to be able to provide patients with optimum care. This can be achieved with integrated business models which are already opening up new opportunities today in the sector of healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Cooperations, mergers and other forms of collaboration present the opportunity for new business partnerships where both parties benefit from each other’s strengths. At the same time, attention must be given at all times to important parameters in the choice of partners whilst also taking into account the legal basis and financial and business principles.

Large Network and Interdisciplinary Teams

Around 250 specialists are working at PwC: Our auditors, tax consultants and lawyers, EDP specialists, doctors and care staff, medical staff, technicians and experts in the sectors of real estate and facility management, have in-depth knowledge of the relating circumstances and develop tailor-made solutions together with you. In addition, we use numerous national and international contacts within and outside of the PwC network for our clients.

Our range of activities goes far beyond the scope of usual advisory and audit services. We have extensive experience and know-how from international (IFRS, US-GAAP) and national (HGB) auditing of financial statements, as well as special audits (KHBV) aimed specifically at the health service and expert appraisal activities (for example as part of transactions or due diligence).

For many years, we have been auditing and advising hospitals in the acute medical care and rehabilitation sectors, as well as psychiatric and care institutions of various supporting bodies and legal forms. At present, we are acting as auditors of annual accounts for around 240 hospitals. Our clients include corporate groups and major hospital chains, publicly listed corporations whose accounts are prepared according to international accounting regulations, social benefit providers (health insurance funds, pension insurance and accident insurance carriers, welfare organizations etc.), ministries and authorities.

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