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Cyberattacks on companies are becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated. Now more than ever, cyber risks need to be managed in order to protect your company against digital hazards and boost your cyber resilience. Place your trust in a team that will carefully contemplate your company’s transformation, implement the right cyber security solutions and provide you with ongoing guidance.

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Grant Waterfall ist Cyber Security Leader bei PwC Deutschland

Grant Waterfall
Cyber Security Leader at PwC Germany

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Cyber security – a vehicle for transformation

The number of cyberattacks in Germany is on the rise. The arrival of virtual work, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) means companies are constantly being exposed to new vectors of attack – both on IT and OT infrastructure. In this context, the risks of data being illicitly monitored, intercepted or manipulated as well as of production stoppages are considerably higher than most businesses currently assume. Many companies underestimate the dangers of cyberspace and are therefore careless and unprepared when it comes to dealing with digital risks. The damages arising from a successful cyberattack can easily be greater than the risk tolerance of the enterprise affected.

Put simply: it is not a question of whether a cyberattack will occur – rather when. It is thus all the more important that companies develop a holistic security concept and take measures to protect their organisations against the direst consequences of cyberattacks – and do so in a sustainable manner. Organisations can defend their on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure against cyber hazards through targeted threat intelligence and incident response approaches as well as risk and crisis management systems that establish effective governance, clear responsibilities as well as comprehensive KPIs and controls. Our cyber security teams will bolster the cyber resilience of your company – from strategy to execution – both preventively and in emergencies. We will strengthen trust in your company and its digital transformation.

“Cyberattacks pose the largest digital threat for businesses. The defence and security of a company and its data therefore has to be considered as part of every business decision. This means that cyber security strategies also belong on the agenda for CEOs.”

Grant Waterfall,Cyber Security Leader at PwC Germany
Forrester Wave Leader 2021 Award

Recognised excellence: The independent research company Forrester Wave™ has singled out PwC as one of the leading cyber security consultants in Europe, noting: “Customers that need a company with instructive strategic and technical thinking should consider PwC”.

Our cyber security & privacy services

A high level of information security requires the fine-tuning of technologies and processes throughout your organisation and among your employees. From strategy through conceptualisation and implementation – we will assist you in fulfilling such prerequisites.

Current topics

What financial firms need to consider now and how we can support them all the way to DORA compliance.

Every cloud is unique. Security solutions therefore need to be unique as well.

A holistic approach to security to enable rapid detection and responses to cyber security incidents.

Reliably block gateways for hackers to stop your infrastructure being damaged.

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Our entire service portfolio

Experience how cyberattacks impact infrastructure and learn about defence strategies.

Our Cyber Deals team will assist you with the important issues relating to cyber security.

We offer interactive workshops and awareness programmes on cyber security.

We develop a custom-fit cyber strategy - based on your business and technology strategy.

The significance of cyber security is rising. How effective is your security architecture?

Managing digital identities. We will assist you in the advisory, implementation and operational stages.

Data protection as a key component for company management.

The right protection for every hazard.

A 24/7 managed service for end-user devices.

Business process outsourcing for cyber security − your customised solutions for companies of all kinds.

With PwC security solutions powered by Microsoft, you will be well equipped for cyberspace.

We provide advice on SAP security and compliance within cloud environments.

Complex regulations and acute risk situations are increasing the pressure to take action.

Detect suspicious activities and respond quickly.

Our collaborative efforts in the area of cyber security.

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Digital products and tools for cyber security

Featured: Cloud Compliance & Security Inspector

How secure is your cloud? The Cloud Compliance & Security Inspector (CCSI) is a platform-based application for assessing and monitoring security configurations within hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. CCSI checks adherence to various standards and best practices (e.g. NIST, CIS and ISO) and, thanks to its uniform scoring system, provides comparable assessment results for the security settings of cloud environments from various providers. Furthermore, the tool can be used for the continuous monitoring of compliance with standards and requirements as well as for audits of users and authorisations.

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Our team – your PwC experts

We will advise you on your IT practices, plan your architecture, set it up and assist you in operating it. In the event of an emergency, we are also available to you at the push of a button to assist with urgent measures as well as sustainable continuity and crisis management. Put simply, we will assist you in protecting your assets in an optimal manner so that you can fully benefit from the opportunities of digitalisation. In so doing, we can draw on our international network of 400 PwC cyber experts.

Your team for Cyber Security

Sector-specific expertise in the field of cyber security

Whether it is defences against cyberattacks, responding correctly to emergencies or developing resilient IT and OT infrastructure, the challenges faced by companies in relation to cyber security are similar. This is because the risks and digital hazards associated with the ongoing process of digitalisation affect everyone. Nevertheless, different security vulnerabilities and desired levels of protection exist across different economic sectors. The cyber security experts from PwC are familiar with the security requirements of your industry – especially with regard to critical infrastructures.

Cyber security: news, insights & studies

Study: Cyber Security in Germany

Insights into the current threat landscape, and future fields of collaboration between the public and private sector

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26th CEO Survey: Results for Cyber Security

How high is cyber security on the agenda of German decision-makers? And how does it compare globally? The new CEO Survey provides answers.

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Grant Waterfall

Grant Waterfall

Partner and Cyber Security & Privacy Leader, PwC Germany