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Xuan Chen
Senior Manager at PwC Germany
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Take action: SAP IDM will reach the end of life in 2027

As we navigate through the digital transformation era, SAP IDM is reaching its sunset phase, set to end its life cycle by 2027, with an extended lifeline until 2030. This pivotal moment challenges every SAP IDM client to pioneer into the next generation of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions. Finding the right successor is not just a quest; it’s an imperative stride toward a seamless transition and an evolved IAM strategy that synergizes with the company’s overarching security, cloud transformation, and zero-trust blueprints.

The migration ahead is more than a direct shift – it’s a golden chance to redefine and bolster IAM services, maturing the infrastructure to not only meet but exceed current standards. As business continuity stands at the forefront of this evolution, we must ensure that operations remain unshaken, keeping an eye on the nuanced needs of operation and consulting partnerships.

Embrace this unique intersection of challenge and opportunity with us. The journey may seem daunting with considerations of continuity, timely execution, and cost-effectiveness. Yet, it heralds the promise of enhanced service quality, cloud innovation, fortified security, operational cost efficiency, and refined user experience. Let’s address these core concerns together and leap into a future where robust IAM strategy is not just envisioned but actualized. Join us in shaping a resilient and dynamic digital identity landscape.

Build your future IAM Excellence with PwC: Swift, Expert, & Tailored

Unique PwC Accelerators for SAP IDM Replacement Projects

With PwC’s specialized accelerators, your transition to a new IAM system is not just a plan but a leap forward. These tailored tools and methodologies are designed to streamline the strategy and execution phases of your IAM transformation, ensuring a swift, efficient, and bespoke adaptation to the cutting-edge IAM landscape.

Deep Knowledge and Expertise in SAP IDM and Market-Leading IAM Vendors

PwC’s depth of expertise encompasses the intricacies of SAP IDM and extends to a spectrum of leading IAM solutions. This dual mastery enables us to facilitate seamless migrations and implementations, ensuring a blend of legacy system familiarity with next-gen IAM innovation for a robust digital identity framework.

One-Stop Shop for End-to-End Journey

From the initial assessment and strategy formulation to vendor selection, implementation, and ongoing operations, PwC stands as your comprehensive partner. Our all-inclusive suite of services encapsulates the full lifecycle of IAM replacement, providing a singular, cohesive journey toward IAM excellence.

Tailored IAM Strategies for Business Impact

At PwC, we recognize that each organization’s IAM needs are as distinct as its fingerprint. Our service offerings are crafted to resonate with your specific business context, delivering IAM solutions that not only align with your strategic goals but also enhance operational agility, security posture, and user experience, fostering a resilient digital ecosystem tailored to your enterprise’s future.

PwC Digital Identity: Your One-Stop Shop for SAP IDM Replacement

We are dedicated to guiding you through every step of this critical transition. Our journey with you begins by crafting a forward-thinking IAM strategy tailored to your business goals. We then assist in navigating the complex market to select the perfect IAM tool that aligns with your vision. Following selection, our meticulous implementation service ensures a smooth migration from SAP IDM to your new IAM platform. But our partnership doesn’t end there—we offer sustained managed services to keep your IAM solution running optimally. With PwC, experience a seamless, end-to-end journey towards a robust digital identity future.

Your one-stop shop for SAP IDM replacement - PwC

IAM vendor selection

Our strategic offering meticulously paves your transition to an advanced next-gen IAM platform. Beginning with a detailed assessment of your current infrastructure, we identify pivotal IAM practices and chart out your unique requirements. Engaging in a close partnership with your stakeholders, we sculpt an innovative IAM framework tailored to your enterprise.

Our service extends beyond mere planning; we define a futuristic IAM architecture and handcraft an executable roadmap, ensuring your migration is as fluid and disruption-free as it is progressive. Our interactive workshops are designed to align your team with the migration journey, while our structured roadmap guarantees a business-centric transition.

Choosing the right vendor is critical, and with PwC’s refined selection process, informed by industry best practices, you’re assured of a match that complements your bespoke IAM vision.

IAM implementation and migration

Elevate your IAM migration with PwC’s expertise. Partnering with elite IAM providers like Microsoft Entra ID, SailPoint, Saviynt, and Okta, we bring a wealth of knowledge to deliver bespoke implementations. Our dual mastery of SAP IDM and an array of market-leading IAM solutions equips us with the unique insight needed for seamless transitions.

With a proven best practice methodology, PwC ensures your migration is not only smooth but synchronized with your business timeline, safeguarding operational continuity. Our proprietary PwC accelerators are the catalysts for expedited migration, setting a new standard for speed and efficiency in IAM evolution. Choose PwC, where technical prowess meets innovative acceleration for your IAM journey.

IAM as a Service

Step into the future of IAM operations with PwC’s Managed Security Services. We tailor our offerings to fit your unique needs, starting with a thorough assessment to establish a customized operational and sourcing model that aligns with your business objectives. Our commitment to you is a seamless transition into operational excellence, upholding the continuity of your business without interruption.

Our agile methodology transforms IAM management, offering DevOps as a service to elevate your security posture. We recognize that the value of technology is diminished when security teams are mired in routine tasks. PwC’s approach is to eliminate operational inefficiencies and pivot to continuous improvement, addressing root causes for a proactive stance on security challenges.

With our services extending to L2 support and beyond, we’re not just aligned but strategically integrated with ITIL processes to deliver streamlined and standardized IT services. Embrace PwC’s Managed Security Services for an IAM operation that’s as robust as it is resilient, driving value and strategic advantage.

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Explore our unique SAP IDM Replacement accelerators

PwC’s suite of SAP IDM Replacement accelerators is designed to fast-track your transition from SAP IDM to cutting-edge IAM platforms, embodying best practices fine-tuned through years of delivery excellences. Through these accelerators, PwC ensures your IAM migration is not only expedited but also aligned with the strategic vision of your organization, harnessing the power of technology to transform your identity management landscape.

Fast-track your as-is analysis with a comprehensive directory of SAP IDM functions, enriched with SAP IDM RDS enhancements, for swift and accurate usage assessment.

A PwC-curated list encapsulating vital IAM product and vendor requirements, adaptable to your bespoke organizational needs.

Expedite the definition of target IAM use cases with a reference collection of typical IAM scenarios, distilled from PwC’s project insights.

Navigate towards your ideal IAM architecture with a selection of established frameworks, ready to guide the structuring of your solution.

Make informed vendor choices with PwC’s scoring system, which considers customer priorities to pinpoint the ideal fit for your environment.

Transition data smoothly and swiftly with PwC’s proprietary approach, ensuring your move to a new IAM platform is both controlled and efficient.

Leverage PwC-developed functions for chosen IAM vendors to enhance and speed up the SAP IDM migration process.

Minimize user impact and safeguard your SAP IDM investment with our toolkit, simplifying the integration of your SAP IDM custom UI into new IAM systems.

Implement common SAP IDM use cases on new IAM platforms swiftly with PwC’s co-developed configurations for selected vendors.

Onboard applications rapidly with PwC’s proven methodology, crafted to streamline and accelerate the integration process.

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