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A digital paradigm shift is revolutionising business models

Many companies are still recovering from the aftermath of the pandemic and its economic impacts. But despite shortages of raw materials, supply chain difficulties, a war on European soil and growing cost awareness, growth is the name of the game. Increasing digitalisation is key – particularly with groundbreaking new technologies such as generative AI (GenAI). Investing in digital transformation will lay a solid foundation for accessing new business models and sustainably driving up profits. But very few companies can leverage this potential to introduce and profit from future-oriented tech on their own – and this is where our advisory services come in.

Our services – taking your cloud systems and digital projects to the next level

Build on a solid foundation for digital transformation – with cloud technology to drive innovation.

Our Digital Team is here to help, offering experience and experience to guide you on your journey towards becoming a digital champion.

Build a top-class user experience – and impress users of your digital products and cloud services.

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What makes cloud and digital solutions special

Why cloud technology is so important

Cloud systems are the foundation of future-oriented IT, and a key factor for innovation. They enable resources to be scaled according to demand and are the foundation of virtually all modern IT services. This is why cloud transformation is the key to IT modernisation. Modern cloud infrastructure is essential for fully leveraging new technologies such as generative AI. Alongside scalability, the key difference between these IT services and traditional IT infrastructure is the fact that they are available immediately.

We think in individual solutions

Digitalisation is affecting almost all industries and companies, so there’s a huge variety of potential individual use cases. One company might want to enable more agile working throughout the organisation; another might want to leverage generative AI in the sales function to retain or increase market share; and in another company, the CIO might want to provide solutions to meet ESG requirements, both within and beyond their area of responsibility. Whatever your needs, we can help you at any point in your digital transformation journey – from strategy to execution.

A great experience is everything – especially in the digital world

Offering your customers a great experience will ensure that they buy more, remain more loyal to you and share their experiences with their friends. A strong and consistent user experience is the keystone of every successful digital product and cloud-hosted service. Our Experience Team specialises in analysing the needs and demands of a huge variety of stakeholders to guarantee a seamless user experience – across all touchpoints. We primarily offer support in the form of ideas, designs and qualitative user research for the initial phase of developing or enhancing a cloud-based product or other digital project.

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Sebastian Paas

Sebastian Paas

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