The PwC NextLevel startup initiative supports innovative, fast-growth scale-up companies to meet their growth ambitions – we provide the tools enabling you to effectively and efficiently scale your business.

From startup to scale-up

PwC’s NextLevel Team is here to help: you have the idea, the product, the technology. We’ll give you access to a pipeline of new customers, new channels to market and the full benefit of our extensive network. Furthermore, if you're looking to raise finance - we'll support you through your next investment round.

Florian Nöll
Head of Digital Ecosystems


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Corporate Venture Capital

Established companies show increasing interest in collaboration with startups to benefit from young technology pioneers. Thus, they pursue financial and strategic returns. The latter in particular is a future-oriented investment for companies - for example in new technologies or digital talent. Find out how you can benefit from Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) and which questions you should consider here.

Our programmes for start-ups


Is your company is ready for scaling? Then join our 8-week sector specific Scale programmes! With a focus on commercial opportunities and lead generation, we support you in mastering your most difficult scaling challenges to ensure your business is fit for its next growth phase. Check directly below to see when the next batch for your industry will begin.

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Is your startup looking to raise its first significant round of institutional funding, but you want to concentrate on your business instead of dedicating all your time to raising finance? Are you looking for the right investor that best suits your goals? We can help: become investor-ready with the help of PwC experts who will support from the preparation of the business plan to the execution of the deal.

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Our programme for corporates


As a corporate it is sometimes not so easy to find the right startup for you. No worries – the Scale+ program can help: We only introduce you to start-ups that really fit you and your business.

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Corporate Package

Get to know the most promising European startups and find the right cooperation partners through our successful PwC Scale Programme. Define for yourself which startups you would like to work with, and partner up with our a 10-week programme in which our PwC experts prepare the startups for potential collaborations.

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"Thanks to the short lines of communication within the NextLevel team, we always get the right contact person who we need as experts for the respective area."

Otmar Trenk, BeeSharing

Meet our Team

"In recent years, we have managed to convince more and more PwC employees of our NextLevel start-up initiative. In the meantime, we have grown into a large nationwide team of auditors and consultants who support our start-ups with a great deal of passion and expertise."

Florian Nöll, Head of Digital Ecosystems

Your contact person for the region North

Jannis Grube

In the far north Jannis is responsible for all topics around Startups & Scaleups. He has been active in the NextLevel Team since he joined PwC and is passionate about promoting young companies in the North, always keeping the entire startup ecosystem in mind. He finds the connection of young companies with corporates and investors particularly exciting. In addition, he cultivates a close relationship to family businesses and especially to the NextGens.

The Team for the region North

+49 431 9969-302

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Your contact person for the Central region

Daniel Spengemann

An auditor from the private equity and family business sector on his way through the start-up jungle - does not fit? Yes, because Daniel's many years of experience in screening a wide variety of companies helps him to identify challenges, including those of young entrepreneurs, and to help them overcome them - from the first steps of founding a company to going abroad and going public on the stock exchange.

The Team for the Central region

+49 69 9585-3762

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Your contact person for the region West

Sebastian Holtze

Sebastian is an expert on digital transformation and New Work, who as a "networker between the worlds" brings together start-ups, corporates and scientists. He supports start-ups in the (further) development and professionalization of business models and prototypes. In addition, he accompanies founders in scaling - at home and abroad. He is a coach, jury member and moderator in the start-up scene of the Ruhr area and heads the working group "Entrepreneurship of the Junior Chamber in Essen". Privately he prefers to build "ninja warrior playgrounds" suitable for children for himself ... and his son.

The Team for the region West

+49 201 438-1853

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Your contact person for the region East

Johannes Häner

Johannes is co-founder of PwC NextLevel. Thanks to his many years of experience, he knows the typical challenges that young founders have to face on their way to an IPO. For Johannes, short and fast routes mean success - which is why he is personally committed to ensuring that start-ups always get to know the right experts at PwC directly.

The Team for the region East

+49 30 2636-4939

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Your contact person for the region South

Judith Lechermann

Judith is an expert in transaction consulting for startups and established companies. She supports young companies in all aspects of financing and business management consulting and networks them with suitable contacts to ensure all-round support.

The Team for the region South

Tel.: +49 89 5790-6958

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Florian Nöll

Florian Nöll

Head of Digital Ecosystems, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 30 2636-4176

Stephan Hofnagel

Stephan Hofnagel

Co-Lead Startup Services, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 89 5790-6715

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