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Sustainable is the new profitable. Together, we will empower your company to transform into a sustainable business.

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Rainer Kroker
Partner, Sustainability Leader at PwC Germany
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Sustainability consulting: a holistic view of sustainability

Sustainability was just a “nice to have” not so long ago, but it has now become crucial to long-term economic success, playing a key role in corporate decision-making. The key question is what effects the company’s activities have on the environment and the public, and how the topic influences business models. Ultimately, corporate sustainability is indispensable for retaining the “right to play” in the market.

Customers, investors and the public are no longer solely interested in hard financial figures. They also want information on companies that goes beyond financial reporting. They expect companies to shoulder responsibility by being aware of the social and environmental impacts of their business models, and driving sustainable development to manage these impacts.

“One thing is clear: you can’t dodge sustainability any longer. Anyone who wants to remain competitive in the future needs to fully understand how their own business activities impact society and the environment. So you shouldn’t just see sustainability as an obligation or something that needs to go in your reports – it’s an opportunity to secure the future of your company.”

Rainer Kroker,Partner, Sustainability Leader at PwC Germany

Recognition: The independent research firm Verdantix has recognised PwC as a global leader in sustainability and ESG business services: “PwC offers integrated, end-to-end ESG and sustainability consultancy services.”

Our sustainability services

More sustainability within the supply chain, the move to a circular economy or the transition to renewable energy in manufacturing – there are many ways you can transform your company into a responsible and sustainable enterprise. No matter which sustainability issue you’re working on, we can assist you with ideation and implementation.

Current areas of focus

How the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive is changing value creation in companies.

We can help you implement the Supply Chain Act (LkSG) so that it provides lasting benefits for your company.

Working together to set the course for net zero.

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Our complete service portfolio

Sustainable business implies aligning your company with ESG criteria – managing risks for more resilience.

Implementing regulatory requirements, devising sustainable finance strategies and gathering ESG data are all part of our portfolio.

Transparency in sustainability KPIs is key. We offer solutions for your data and systems.

We can help you to implement climate and net-zero strategies for reducing environmental risks and for decarbonisation.

We help industrial clients, energy suppliers and the public sector to make the energy transition and decarbonisation projects a reality.

Empowering clients around compliance and creating added value through a people-centric approach.

We can help with sustainable product development, process design and digitally implementing change within your value chain organisation.

We support our clients on their journeys to fully integrated auditing and reporting.

Our support for holistic governance transformation can anchor sustainability as a driver of growth in your company.

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Digital products and tools for sustainability consulting

Are you LkSG-ready? Our tool is your ideal solution for identifying and mitigating risks in your supply chains.

ESG reporting – but how? This will allow you to implement the complex requirements of the EU taxonomy while creating the transparency you need for optimising your processes.

Climate scenario analyses: helping you shed light on and assess climate risks and opportunities.

Climate-neutral by 2045? Net zero in three steps!

Is it worth converting to hydrogen? Find out now!

Calculate the carbon footprint of your processes and products – for more transparency surrounding costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our solution for efficient sustainability reporting.

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Our team – your experts at PwC

From the various strategic implications of climate change to assessing its effects on society and meeting demands for a sustainable financial sector, our sustainability partners & directors and their teams are here to advise you on all facets of sustainable corporate management.

Your team for sustainability consulting

The PwC-Team Sustainability Consulting

Industry specialisation for sustainability consulting 

Reducing CO₂ emissions, focusing on renewable energy and making supply chains more transparent: the sustainability-related challenges facing companies are far-reaching and varied – and so are the individual questions facing each industry that has a big role to play in the transformation to a sustainable economy. Our sustainability experts know your industry and the challenges it faces inside out, and can help you find the right solutions on your journey towards sustainability.

Sustainability consulting: news, insights and studies

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Rainer Kroker

Rainer Kroker

Partner, Sustainability Leader, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 163 344-1240