Managing climate risks and opportunities

How to effectively improve your resilience to the effects of climate change

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Gunther Dütsch ist Ihr Experte für Net-Zero-Transformation bei PwC Deutschland

Gunther Dütsch
Partner, Sustainability Services at PwC Germany
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Scenario analysis can help you understand the impacts of climate change

Climate change is having significant effects on companies. There are physical risks – for example, those resulting from extreme weather events – along with transitional risks and opportunities resulting from regulations, changes in the market or technological innovations. These risks and opportunities will vary depending on which temperature path the world takes to cope with climate change.

At PwC, we can help you understand the financial implications of these changes with our Climate Excellence scenario analysis model. This will enable you to identify new business opportunities, reduce financial risks to your company and make your business model more resilient. At the same time, it allows you to ensure compliance with external climate risk reporting requirements, such as those under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) or the EU Taxonomy’s Do No Significant Harm (DNSH) principle. Fulfilling these requirements will also improve your performance in sustainability rankings, such as the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project).

“Whether we succeed in limiting global warming to 1.5°C or not, climate change and decarbonisation will create material financial risks for companies – but also new business opportunities. Our Climate Excellence scenario analysis is designed to help you identify these risks and opportunities at an early stage and draw the right strategic conclusions.”

Gunther Dütsch,Partner, Climate Risk, Sustainability Services at PwC Germany

Our services: helping you manage climate-related risks and opportunities

How well does your risk management system already cover climate-related risks?

What are the most relevant climate-related risks and opportunities for your company?

How can you increase your resilience?

How to implement the necessary measures in your processes?

How do you report on climate-related risks?

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Case study: identifying and evaluating climate risks and opportunities in the GEA Group

Climate change has now been having financial impacts on companies for some time – but assessing these in detail is a challenge for many companies at first. This was the case for the GEA Group, an engineering company which wanted to develop a leading approach to managing these impacts but was confronted with the complex task of evaluating them across its value chain. This was where PwC came in, with our project team helping GEA to analyse and integrate climate-related risks and opportunities one step at a time. Building on this foundation, GEA is now in a position to make its business model more resilient – and improve its status for ratings, rankings and investors – by identifying specific measures to minimise climate-related risks and maximise opportunities. For full details, check out our case study.

“In a world that is being fundamentally affected by climate change and the transition to net zero, climate strategy and corporate strategy need to be considered simultaneously. Our scenario analysis of climate risks and opportunities can help you build a framework to do so.”

Thomas Haasz,Senior Manager, Sustainability Services at PwC Germany
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Gunther Dütsch

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Dr. Thomas Haasz

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