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EU Taxonomy Manager: a holistic solution to integrate existing processes and technologies.

As part of the EU Taxonomy, listed companies must assess to what extent their economic activities now correspond with the predefined sustainability criteria for two of the future six environmental objectives. The European Regulation also requires the expansion of non-financial reporting to include the taxonomy-eligible and taxonomy-compliant portion of the key figures on sales, capital expenditure and operating expenses, along with other qualitative information.

The EU Taxonomy Manager is a SaaS solution from PwC that helps the industrial companies categorise their economic activities, classify them in terms of taxonomy eligibility and taxonomy compliance, and automatically calculate the newly required key figures. In addition, reports are provided on the basis of the calculations in the EU-defined formats and thus cover all necessary taxonomy steps.

For companies, this means a significant simplification through automation and support throughout the entire process.

The EU Taxonomy

The Challenge

A recent PwC study on the EU taxonomy showed that most companies surveyed still map the processes required for this manually. Over 70% of survey respondents said they used manual spreadsheet solutions for reporting in question. This is time-consuming, expensive and prone to errors.

The implementation of the EU Taxonomy is complex. Customers especially see the following challenges here:

  • Availability, quality and robustness of new data sources can fall short of requirements.
  • The classification of economic activities into taxonomy-eligible or taxonomy-aligned is complex and is based on multiple criteria.
  • Currently, most KPIs are calculated manually, largely with the help of spreadsheet solutions.
  • Additional process documentation is required to fulfil Reasonable Assurance.

Our solution

The cloud-based PwC solution “EU Taxonomy Manager” helps you reduce the complexity of the EU Taxonomy by:

  • an automated key figure calculation based on SAP BTP technology,
  • different masks to support the classification of taxonomy eligibility and taxonomy compliance,
  • predefined dashboards for implementing EU taxonomy reporting to present data flows and for further analysis, and interfaces for integration with other SAP sustainability solutions

Services at a glance

EU Taxonomy E2E

The EU Taxonomy Manager controls the entire process from classification to automatic filling of the EU template. The comprehensive data platform in combination with the reporting dashboards facilitates strong control functions.

Release capability

If the legislation changes (e.g. the upcoming environmental targets), our audit-proof solution will be updated to meet future legal requirements.

Integrative and holistic approach

Our holistic ESG Management Suite integrates various ESG tools (e.g. Check Your Value Chain: LkSG App, RSA, Climate Excellence) into a comprehensive solution for ESG requirements.

Open ecosystem

The EU Taxonomy Manager and the corresponding data can be integrated into SAP applications (e.g. SAP Sustainability Control Tower).

Easy connection & high scalability

Our modern application platform offers a high level of integration, easy connectivity to transactional systems (SAP ERP, SAP BW, etc.) and can be deployed quickly across the business.

Close exchange with SAP

Our technology is developed in close cooperation (C-Level Commitment) with SAP and fits seamlessly into the SAP portfolio.

“The EU Taxonomy will introduce further ESG requirements and objectives in the coming years. In addition, reporting requirements are incorporated into the CSRD Directive, which broadens the affected group to around 15,000 companies in Germany alone. In order to manage these new regulations, automated solutions will become increasingly important for companies in the future.”

Nico Reichen,SAP Alliance Leader Europe and partner in Data & Analytics at PwC Germany

Your added value

The “EU Taxonomy Manager” supports you in implementing the complex requirements of the EU Taxonomy and at the same time creates the necessary transparency to optimise your processes.

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Benjamin  Lösken

Benjamin Lösken

Director, PwC Germany

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