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The business landscape is currently undergoing unprecedented changes caused by complexity, uncertainty and change:

Digitizing business operations to enhance effectiveness and growth is often in conflict with principles of sustainable management focused on ecological and social objectives. This has focused the attention on supply chains along with equal access to products and services, aiming to prioritize core values in the future value generation. More and more companies are proactively tackling these challenging tasks. 

In order to navigate these uncertainties and novel decision-making areas in a stakeholder friendly manner, companies can rely on integrity as a powerful source of guidance. Strengthening integrity plays a crucial role in fostering trust both internally and externally. Acting with integrity not only cultivates greater satisfaction among employees, it enhances the loyalty of customers and moreover, reinforces investor relationships by showcasing consistent and reliable compliant behavior.

The Women Driving Integrity network facilitates a constructive and trustworthy exchange with respect tothe anchoring of sustainable values. This, in turn, strengthens integrity within the context of the progressively rising demands placed on companies.

Using synergies together – at our regular network events

The biannual Women Driving Integrity networking events unite women from different industries and fields under a shared trait: Integrity. Whether from GRC, sustainability, HR, etc. – the subject of embedding values in a sustainable context is a matter of universal relevance and requires  a collaborative approach.

10. Netzwerktreffen Women Driving Integrity

10th Anniversary Event of Women Driving Integrity and their Allies in Frankfurt

At our networking events, you will have the opportunity to listen to captivating keynotes from fellow female leaders, follow cross-industry panel discussions addressing common challenges, actively engage in conversations and participate workshop formats. 

What participants value about the network:

  • Coming into contact with like-minded professionals 
  • Learning from each other by working together
  • Opportunity to leverage ideas and experiences and to create new one

Upcoming network events

Join our upcoming Women Driving Integrity networking event on March 13, 2024! The event will take place at Tower 185 in Frankfurt and allows for virtual participation in the first half of the day.

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Looking back on more than five years of Women Driving Integrity

Celebrating five years of Women Driving Integrity! The focus of our tenth anniversary event was: “The growing role of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”. Next to our expert Daniela Hanauer, decision-makers and their allies from the areas of integrity, diversity, HR, responsibility, compliance and sustainability came together to discuss key questions on diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI). Manifold contributions from Sarah Schwellinger on the topic of Supplier Diversity, Dr. Carolin Mehnert and Christian Kaiser on Diversity & Transformation, Yvonne Fandert’s dialogue on diversity and inclusion as a prerequisite for self-organized teams and Eva Kreienkamp from BVG & Melanie Kubin-Hardewig from Deutsche Telekom AG gave the participants various ideas to take action and strengthen DEI within and outside of their organizations. 

As part of our cross-industry and steadily growing WDI, women from the fields of risk management, ESG and responsibility met for the ninth time in a row to discuss key questions on the topic of “Living Corporate Responsibility!” How can responsibility be anchored and lived in the corporate context? And what central role does the topic of attitude play here? Maike Bermüller inspired with a keynote speech on “Anchoring responsibility in organisations”. 

For the eighth time, the WDI brought together key decision-makers from the areas of integrity, responsibility, diversity, risk management, HR and compliance alongside our expert Daniela Hanauer and her team to discuss the growing relevance of responsibility and integrity. The participants exchanged views on their personal contribution to the promotion of corporate, digital and social responsibility in their daily work.

For the seventh meeting of the WDI, women from different areas of compliance and risk management came together alongside our expert Daniela Hanauer to discuss key questions on integrity: How do we shape the responsibility agenda in our companies? How do we live attitudes and values for sustainable corporate success? Christiane Uhl inspired with a keynote on the topic of “The value of attitude in companies” and motivated to also look at one’s own attitude.

The 6th networking event was attended by numerous committed women from a wide range of industries and functions. Experts in integrity, risk management, diversity and compliance accepted the invitation. The event started with an open exchange, moderated by our expert Daniela Hanauer. The focus was on current integrity issues in the companies and the question of what difference a value orientation can make for the sustainable performance of companies. In the second part of the event, Dagmar Oppermann and Susanne Schaefer from Volkswagen AG spoke in an inspiring keynote about the levers of HR for integrity and compliance. 

At the networking event in September 2020, Christina Martin from the Otto Group opened the event with her keynote speech. She discussed the question of whether corporate values only work in good times. Afterwards, participants from various sectors discussed how they experienced the impact of the pandemic on value-oriented business. The contribution by Dr. Julian Klinkhammer from the Risk Consulting division at PwC Germany, triggered an exciting exchange on organizational misconduct and the influence of informal rules. Finally, Hannah Müller from PwC brought the participants up to date on the EU regulations on whistleblower systems.

In March 2020, the WDI event took place virtually for the first time, in line with the pandemic situation. More than 20 decision-makers from a wide range of industries took part. The focus of this event was on sharing how to sustainably anchor corporate values in challenging times. Kristina Jaekel, Risk Manager at Randstad Germany GmbH & Co. KG, used the example of Randstad to explain how the company lives values, firmly anchors them and effectively brings them closer to its employees in their everyday work.

At the third WDI network meeting, decision-makers from different industries and disciplines in the fields of ethics, integrity and compliance discussed the extent to which the requirements for compliance and integrity have changed as a result of digitalisation and how companies can approach digitalisation responsibly. The meeting demonstrated PwC’s strength in bringing together female clients from different industries on a common platform. In this way, good practices were shared and concepts for a value-oriented future were created.

After the successful kick-off event of the WDI Network, the second event took place in April 2019. Our expert Daniela Hanauer and Maria von Oettingen, Senior Manager in P&O Leadership at PwC Germany, spoke about levers for integrity. They discussed why values are so important in companies and how they can be measured. Afterwards, Alessandra Hawthorne, Global Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Boehringer Ingelheim, in her Keynote delved into the topic of integrity in companies. The presentations created the basis for an exciting and trusting exchange in the round.

The founding event of the Women Driving Integrity client initiative took place in October 2018. Our expert Daniela Hanauer opened the event and discussed in her presentation why integrity is so relevant for sustainable business success. Laurie Waddy from Bilfinger then gave her keynote speech on the topic of Integrity in Business. In an open round, the participants discussed how their companies deal with the topic of integrity in practice.

Impressions from our Women Driving Integrity Launch Event in October 2018

“A globally connected world needs connected female actors who collectively drive and shape the sustainability transformation in an opportunity-driven way. With the Women Driving Integrity network, I offer women a platform to come together, share experiences and scale good practices. Better Together!”

Daniela Hanauer,Partner, Sustainability Consulting at PwC Germany
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Daniela Hanauer

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