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Heiko Stohlmeyer
Director, Renewable energy at PwC Germany
Tel: +49 171 3344297

Benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in the German energy transition

The transition of our energy industry is a task that spans generations. Renewable energies and in particular Solar Photovoltaics, Offshore and Onshore Wind Energy are the driving forces which will determine the success or failure of the energy industry in the long term when it comes to achieving the net zero targets of the Paris Climate Agreement. In combination with other technologies and storage options such as batteries or hydrogen, they are rapidly becoming the backbone of our economy and society.

This transition poses many challenges, from issues relating to the volatility and profitability of individual projects to the legal framework and competitive environment of the entire ecosystem. The intelligent and efficient integration of energy from sun, wind and water into ongoing processes and portfolios can be decisive for the commercial success of your company.

With over two decades of experience in the renewable energy market in Germany, we are happy to assist you with your very own energy transition process in all commercial, legal and tax related questions and challenges.

The development of renewable energies in Germany

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Your expert for questions

Heiko Stohlmeyer has played a major role in shaping the renewable energy sector at PwC since 2000. His areas of expertise for the energy supply of the future are wind energy (onshore and offshore), photovoltaics and biomass/biogas. Heiko Stohlmeyer is an expert in transactions, valuation, benchmarking and strategies in the field of renewable energies and is also your first point of contact for questions relating to subsidies and financing.

During his many years in the industry, Heiko Stohlmeyer has built up an extensive industry network and a benchmark database for renewable energy projects. He is a trustee of the German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation, a member of the Wind Energy Agency (WAB), spokesman for the WAB Investment & Financing Working Group and a member of the Hamburg Renewable Energy Cluster (EEHH).

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"Renewable energy will be the driving force of our civilization. Let us help you navigate this exciting and dynamic market."

Heiko Stohlmeyer,Director, Renewable energy at PwC Germany
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Heiko Stohlmeyer

Heiko Stohlmeyer

Director, Renewable energies, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 171 3344297

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Andree Simon Gerken

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