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Moritz Anders - PwC

Moritz Anders
Partner at PwC Germany

Business Process Outsourcing for Cyber Security

Customised solutions for every kind of business

Cyber threats are on the rise and the controls used to counter them are primarily the KPIs of Chief Information Security Officers (CISO). To effectively achieve these KPIs, your cyber processes should be handled by a managed service provider in the same way as your business process outsourcing, not like IT operations. Why?

Today’s cyber threat landscape is complex and dynamic. As such, highly specialised resources, technology, organisational know-how and a diverse range of expertise is required. The lack of adequate resources and effective controls poses a significant risk to a company’s resilience. 

Cyber insurance, among others, requires compliance with certain key KPIs, such as patch and vulnerability management within 14 days or 100% multi-factor authentication for employees and administrators. With our managed services approach, we take on this responsibility.  

As a regulatory compliance advisory and cyber specialist, PwC has developed the necessary skills through years of experience and can offer reliable Managed Security Services. We manage your cyber security solutions according to your key KPIs and share the interests of the C-suite.

“When clients come to us and say that they are paying additional costs for every process improvement and increase in control effectiveness, despite 24/7 operations from their managed service provider, then there is something wrong with the quality of that service. We firmly believe that effective cyber security only works when the managed service provider delivers a service that combines advice based on industry expertise, interest in process efficiency and compliance.”

Moritz Anders,Partner at PwC Germany

What we stand for

Whether strategic or technical cyber security, we have a team of specialists for every area of expertise to support you to the extent that you need.

We take full responsibility for everything from process execution to automation and the associated effectiveness of controls. We make your business goals regarding cyber security our own.

We do not profit from inefficient processes or constant change requests. Instead, our focus is on increasing the efficiency of your processes and automating them to the largest extent possible.

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Our wide range of tools and services

Our extensive portfolio of cyber security services allows us to offer many of our services as managed services. These include:

Managing digital identities.

Digital identities are the fundamental components of digital services.

Monitor vulnerabilities and make your company more secure.

Properly identifying, preventing and monitoring risks from third parties.

24x7 management and response from PwC’s leading Security Operations Centre.

Improve your reporting to keep understanding of the actual cyber risks.

To ensure that your company is able to react immediately to an acute incident.

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Cyber Managed Security Services − Outcome based

The next generation of cyber security services

The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing. The rising number of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks requires new solutions, as traditional security concepts have proven inadequate. An effective cyber security strategy thus requires proactive risk management through the continuous monitoring and improvement of IT security measures. Can you manage this mammoth challenge in-house? 

With the “Outcome-Based Managed Security Services”, we offer you the next generation of cyber security managed services. Together, we will define your company’s security metrics and align them with our service to positively influence the maturity level of your organisation. We will also support you with specialist staff at a fixed price. Your own cyber teams will work closely with our specialists in order to find a cost-effective solution tailored to your needs, while we manage your complex cyber security tool landscape using experts in their respective fields. This provides you with scalable and flexible cyber threat protection compatible with your business. 

Efficiency using cloud technology

Technology operations for cyber software rely primarily on cloud-based systems from leading providers. For extensive IT infrastructure that relies on on-premise software for reasons of complexity and regulations, we have developed a cloud-like model, such as container-based deployment, to ensure the maximum availability of all systems. This reduces overall operational expenditure and ensures our capacity can be used in a targeted manner, whether to improve processes, onboard systems or validate controls. 

“Managed Security Services of the future, by necessity, must be able to guarantee a company’s IT security by proactively acting on and solving problems. With PwC’s Outcome-Based model, we have developed a definition of our services that our customers expect and want to see: full commitment, high responsibility and joint management of cyber risks.”

Moritz Anders,Partner at PwC Germany
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Moritz Anders

Moritz Anders

Partner, PwC Germany

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Joshua Khosa

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