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Alexander Rösch ist Lead Corporate Venture Building at PwC Germany

Alexander Rösch
Lead Corporate Venture Building at PwC Germany
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In an era of rapid change, corporate venture building is at the heart of business evolution. Innovation is no longer just a “nice-to-have” but the crucial driver of a company’s success.

Corporate venture building enables established companies to transform ideas into successful, independent companies that combine the agility of a startup with the resources of a large enterprise.

This innovative strategy allows companies to respond to the latest market dynamics and developments and actively shape their future.

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We are your dedicated team to support you in exploring new markets, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, developing your ideas and business models, and creating additional revenue streams.

Infographic: Venture Development

Venture Development

Venture development helps you create new business models through separate ventures without impacting your main business. Corporate venture building requires strategic structuring, founding skills, and industry-specific knowledge. 

Our experts know the trends of different industries and will use their experience to build efficient structures and successful ventures with you.

Infographic: Venture Studio

Venture Studio

A venture studio is a specialized organization in a company that creates innovations, transforms them into business models, and launches them as independent ventures. Setting up a venture studio gives you a long-term and resilient way of innovating. 

We have the expertise to help you build your own venture studios, based on our experience with multiple studios. With the PwC “Venture-Studio-in-a-Box” method, we offer a customized solution for your new venture studio.

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Create win-win-situations with PwC’s venture building approach

Create new income, diversify your business, and boost your core offerings with corporate venture building. Use your current resources to strengthen your market position and develop new and cutting-edge solutions.

PwC Germany helps you with profound expertise, a global network, and extensive venture building experience. We lower risks for your new business and improve capital deployment, so that you can achieve your ambitions and avoid scatter losses.

“Venture building enables companies to diversify their portfolio, unlock new revenue streams, and actively drive disruptive innovations.”

Florian Nöll,Partner, EMEA Startups, Scaleups & Venturing Leader at PwC Germany
Infographic: Advantages of Corporate Venture Building

Current projects and case studies


Background: A global automotive OEM plans to transfer an internal “direct-air-capturing” project to a new external company to facilitate faster growth in the future and attract external investors.

Result: Development of a manual for operationalizing a spin-off, considering strategic, tax-related, legal, and procedural aspects, as well as an assessment of these in terms of complexity, priority, and timing.

Energy & Public Services

Background:  European energy and utility company identified three business models in new growth areas during an internal exploration sprint and wants to develop them into independent ventures.

Result: Comprehensive implementation concept for three ventures in the form of a standard “investor pitch deck”, validation of the concepts through “low fidelity” prototypes, and successful initial funding by the internal investment committee.

Financial Services

Background: A leading banking group intends to consolidate all innovation activities into an independent subsidiary, establishing a dedicated corporate venture capital fund and a venture studio (Buy & Build) therein.

Result: Development of a holistic venture studio model, including target operating model, process landscape, funding plan, etc. In addition to the structural setup of the venture studio, an operational partner for operating the studio was also analyzed and selected.


Background: A renowned insurance company aims to establish a new venture to promote its factoring business and requires a comprehensive venture concept for budget approval by the investment committee.

Result: Development of a spin-off plan for the venture, evaluation of various governance models and equity structures. Initiation of ramp-up funding and conceptualization of development and implementation processes.

Retail & Consumer

Background: A leading FMCG manufacturer is seeking long-term growth beyond its current core business, which is under significant competitive pressure, and aims to develop three new, innovative ecosystem business models for this purpose.

Result: Conception of three innovative business models in the “wellbeing” sector, including target operating model, market analysis, business case, etc., screening of 150+ potential partners in two pilot markets, and initial validation through “low fidelity” prototypes.

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