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Separating individual parts of a company or successfully integrating a company while continuing to conduct day-to-day business activities present unique organisational challenges and open up a range of questions for decision-makers. How can companies and other organisations focus on their core business areas, take advantage of synergies and ensure profitable growth? How can they carve out areas of their business and coordinate the operational considerations of the separation? Is it necessary to assess the IT architecture?

How can they avoid losing time and value through this transaction? Which financial value levers can they identify and take advantage of following an acquisition? At a time of significant changes and challenges within the economy, including regulatory, technological and structural changes, it is becoming more and more difficult for companies to plan for positive transaction effects.

Optimal planning for carve-out and M&A integration projects

More than increasing value: Soft factors are the key to success

Our experienced Deals team supports you in understanding complex transaction processes and structures. By working together with you, our experts can identify potential financial value and develop strategies for sustainable growth – and then support you in implementing them. We don’t just focus on effects along the value chain: We consider the “soft factors” in success, like company culture and change management. Our clients have access to our global network of specialists from across industries and regions. Whether you’re looking into buying or selling a company, we help you find the route to achieving your goals, from identifying suitable targets for a transaction through to due diligence and successfully completing the carve-out or post-merger integration process. IT integration and IT carve-outs can be particularly challenging because they involve high levels of complexity. We’re up-to-date with the latest technology trends and are always extremely thorough. We can help you to manage even the most complex processes. Our experts also support clients in implementing their future operative business model as quickly as possible. Our clients know they can rely on our team. That’s why we’re one of the world’s leading transactions consultancies.

Separation or integration: Taking all business processes into consideration

We maintain our focus on your ongoing business processes at every stage in the transaction process. This also contributes to ensuring sustainable growth for your company. Our expertise covers operational due diligencevalue creationM&A integrationsynergy tracking and managementoperational restructuring across all relevant business functions, and carve-out management. We take financial, technological and cultural aspects into consideration. From strategy through to implementation: We accompany you at every stage. Your deal is our deal – even in times of great change.

“Separation & Integration” is part of our transaction process. An overview of all our transaction processes you can find here.

Digital upskilling: Integration knowledge to go

Are you facing a company integration for the first time and looking for a pragmatic way to get employees on board? And preferably digitally? Our solution: PMI2go! We developed a tool in cooperation with industry experts to support you on your M&A integration journey successfully and digitally. PMI2go guides your team through Post Merger Integration fundamentals via practical examples and real life case studies – anytime from anywhere.

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Our digital platform: Exit Readiness Accelerator

Are you planning to carve out a part of your company and wonder how the operational execution can be designed as efficient and value-oriented as possible? Our experts support you with their extensive experience and build on the Exit Readiness Accelerator – an innovative digital tool that helps you to assess and analyze the operational entanglements of the Carve-out perimeter and guides you through the value-oriented resolution of these entanglements.

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How to successfully manage carve-outs in a volatile market environment

Carve-outs are a key instrument for maximizing the value of capital and optimizing the risk profile. PwC's white paper shows how this can be achieved even in the current market environment.

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When volatility strikes – how to adapt strategy and operations

Volatility strikes: The current market environment puts companies under enormous pressure. PwC's white paper illustrates how the COVID-19 pandemic, as a trigger event, has significantly changed companies' planning parameters. Our experts explain how executives need to revise their strategy, adapt corporate portfolios and optimize their operational footprint.

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