Your Deal is our Deal: Origination & Value Creation

Identifying attractive targets and concluding transactions

There are many possible ways to increase the value of a company. Effective decision-making is dependent upon an analysis that correctly identifies potential added value, identification of the right transaction targets and the accurate estimation of risks.

Our experienced and interdisciplinary experts will work with you and your team to develop the right concept in order to achieve sustainable added value for your company.

Your situation

Planning transactions

Do you want to increase the value of your company? Do you want to know how potential internal optimisations or external acquisitions can support you in achieving this goal? Are you looking for attractive targets to expand your portfolio with new products and services? Do you want to enter new geographical markets or invest in new business interests? Then you need to identify potential market segments and target companies, and research the accessibility to the market and assess the target company’s market share. However, that’s not where your analysis should end: You also need to thoroughly understand the shareholder, customer and supplier relationships. You need to evaluate relevant brand values, estimate risks and analyse company figures. And you need to evaluate potential synergies that would be achieved by successful integration. In addition, ESG criteria and value creation opportunities must be identified.

Our offer

Interdisciplinary market knowledge

We help you to find suitable target companies and support you throughout the transaction process with expert consultancy during the various due diligence phases. From accounting, to tax and controlling through to identifying the optimal financing for an acquisition – your PwC team provides consultancy across disciplines in an objective and transparent manner. We enable you to maintain a clear overview of the transaction costs and identify potential problems at an early stage. Our Value Creation team manages the rising expectations for a rapid and sustainable increase in value by conducting in-depth analysis of the target company – also taking ESG criteria into account. We believe that knowing the potential added value of your transaction is the only way to maximise success.

Whether you’re looking for a transaction expert, a strategy consultant, a tax expert or a legal specialist, our team offers advisors who know your industry and are ready to share their knowledge. We have the information and expert knowledge you need for a successful transaction. We can even use our extensive industry knowledge to identify and approach the right potential investors.

Our promise

Increasing your company’s value together. We believe your deal is our deal. Together, we can create the right deal for you – even in times of change.

PwC is one of the world’s leading transaction consultancies because we use our global network of experts and our own deep knowledge to create value for our clients. Together, we can identify your next acquisition target and determine whether the transaction would create sustainable added value for your company. We believe your deal is our deal. Together, we will make your deal a success – even in times of great change.

“Origination & Value Creation” is part of our transaction advice. An overview of our consulting services you can find here.

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Erik Hummitzsch

Erik Hummitzsch

Member of the Management Board, Deal Advisory Leader and Co-Leader Consulting Solutions, PwC Germany