Mergers & Acquisitions

From mergers to acquisitions: a proactive approach to transactions

In a disruptive market environment, achieving long-term and sustainable growth is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge. To maintain their success in the future, companies have to recognise changes in the market at an early stage, attract new customers and explore new business areas. M&A is one possible solution, but transactions are complex and have to be well planned. Several questions arise: How can you identify the ideal target for a transaction? Is the timing right? How can you make strategic preparations for your deal? How can you make sure that the transactions you’re planning will create long-term value – not just short-term? We know the answers and can offer advice to facilitate a smooth process.

Transactions are also important factors related to company succession or focussing on core competencies. How can you find the right investor? Which business areas and assets should you cut away? And how can you create the optimal framework conditions for a sale?

A network of interdisciplinary teams around the world

From acquisitions through to mergers, divestments, spin-offs, carve-outs, IPOs or restructuring, the M&A team at PwC is your partner at every stage in the transaction process. By working with you and your team, we can develop a strategy for your unique business and execute your deal successfully – to make sure your company is fit for the future.

Our network can be your strength: We work hand-in-hand with the colleagues in our Legal, Tax, Due Diligence, Valuation and Integration teams to be a trusted partner for every aspect of the M&A process. By combining our industry expertise with your ambition, we can drive your company towards success. We’re experienced and handle around 300 transactions every year, and we use the full power of this experience to support our clients – while also draw on our industry experts and the latest digital tools.

Proven processes and strict process management until the deal is closed

The main focus is always to make sure you achieve your goals. As lead advisors, we accompany businesses, entrepreneurs and management teams through the entire transaction process. We work with our clients to create a target-oriented strategy for acquisitions and divestments, and ensure professional and thorough process management. During the negotiation phase, we’re by your side with our many decades of experience and our deep expertise in deals. As a result, you can rely on sales documents that are watertight from a business, tax-related and legal perspective – and that bring you a step closer to a successful sale, merger or acquisition. We also provide support in the period between signing and closing to ensure a smooth process. We are consistently focused on minimising the burden on your ongoing business operations and keep a close eye on your resources. Whether you’re considering a detailed review of your business strategy or aiming to enter new markets, you can rely on us. We’re focussed on your success. Let’s do this – together.

"Mergers & Acquisitions" is part of our transaction process. An overview of all our transaction processes you can find here.

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Martin Schwarzer

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Dr. Alexander von Friesen

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Timo Klees

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Steffen Apfel

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Alexander Knögel

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