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Stephan Wyrobisch - PwC

Stephan Wyrobisch
Partner Capital Markets at PwC Germany

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The stock market offers companies and their owners a wide range of opportunities. By issuing shares or bonds, fresh capital can be used to finance further growth, realize strategic goals, or make the ownership structure fit for the future. A wide range of variants and structures are available for this, such as an initial public offering (IPO), De-SPAC or bond issue. All are associated with different challenges and complexities – but also offer great opportunities. An initial public offering (IPO) is also a valid way for private equity investors to divest assets in whole or in part.

“The situation in the capital market is often volatile and hardly predictable. Structured and professional preparation for a transaction is therefore essential in order to be able to act quickly and flexibly. We support issuers throughout the entire transaction with comprehensive expertise and practical experience. In this way, we help you implement your individual roadmap on the capital market.”

Stephan Wyrobisch,Partner Capital Markets at PwC Germany

New issuer or experienced capital market participant

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Going public means opening up to a new group of investors and thus greater transparency and greater public interest. The decision to go public changes a company fundamentally and permanently. Timely professional preparation (e.g. through an IPO readiness assessment) is essential for a successful IPO and “life” as a public company.

In the run-up to a capital market transaction (e.g. IPO, capital raise, De-SPAC or bond issue) a company faces many questions: Are the company profile, future growth opportunities, and strategic direction attractive to investors? What facts and data are needed to convince investors? To what extent does sustainability (reporting) play a role in the transaction? Is carve-out or pro forma financial information or a profit forecast required? Which internal systems, processes, and structures need to be adapted or newly created? How do you put together a strong and focused internal and external project team?

The period after the transaction also harbours challenges for issuers who want their shares or bonds to enjoy long-term and sustainable success in the capital market. From day one, the company must be in a position to fulfil all legal and regulatory requirements as well as the expectations of investors and the public. In addition to the realization of operational and strategic goals, this also includes reliable and trustworthy communication with all stakeholders.

Would you like to know how to organize your capital market transaction successfully and in your interests? Then we are the right partner for you!

Smooth transaction even in a turbulent stock market environment

Our experienced capital market specialists will answer all your structural, operational, and regulatory questions, identify potential stumbling blocks, and work with you to draw up a detailed plan for your individual route to being public. We guide you through the entire transformation process – from initial strategic considerations and early internal preparation, through the intensive transaction execution phase and into the secondary market. Our clients value our holistic, tailored and objective advice which is based on our in-depth knowledge and experience from many transactions across different industries and countries.  We are at your disposal with the full range of experts to help you conquer any challenges you may face – you can rely on that.

Our services at a glance

Strategic Planning

  • Target definition
  • Analysis of business plan
  • Selection of listing venue and segment
  • Determination of (preliminary) transaction structure and schedule


  • Readiness Assessment
  • Tax and structuring advice
  • Establishing capital market readiness (financial reporting, IFRS conversion, CSRD/EU Taxonomy reporting, internal control system, corporate governance, risk and compliance management, remuneration systems, IT and cybersecurity)
  • Determination of relevant KPIs to underpin the equity story
  • Tool selection and implementation (consolidation, disclosure management, etc.)
  • Selection of further advisors

Transaction realization

  • Preparation and review of historical financial information (e.g. carve-out financial statements, pro formas) and KPIs and presentation in the prospectus
  • Preparation and review of the profit forecast
  • Issuance of comfort letter
  • Support with due diligence
  • SOX, US GAAP and SEC reporting
  • Project management and coordination
  • Practical support for the internal project team, in particular the finance function

After the transaction

  • Preparation for the Annual General Meeting
  • Board reporting
  • ESEF implementation
  • Financial and sustainability reporting
  • Ongoing support for the finance function

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Stephan Wyrobisch

Stephan Wyrobisch

Partner Capital Markets, PwC Germany

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Rachel Buttars-Redeen

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