Capital Markets. In the public spotlight

In the public spotlight

Companies often finance organic and inorganic growth by floating onto a stock market. In this way, they’re able to issue stocks and bonds. Stock market flotations or Initial Public Offerings (IPO) can also present a valid exit opportunity for private equity investors and their portfolio companies. Stock market flotations are transactions that generate a high level of public attention and are accompanied by close regulatory scrutiny, while also placing significant demands on time. There’s no room for error.

As a result, companies face a range of questions: Do you want to raise additional equity capital or debt capital? Do you want to raise the profile of your company – particularly among foreign investors? What do companies need to keep in mind when planning to float their business, or part of their business, on the stock market? What is the value of capital-market consulting? How can you meet the many requirements made by the capital market?

From the first steps on a stock market through to experienced traders: Your partner for all questions related to capital markets

Have you already assessed your company’s IPO readiness? Regardless of how far along you are in the process, the Capital Markets team from PwC helps establish your company’s readiness for transactions and for the capital markets. We also develop and evaluate specific financial information for the share prospectus – which can include historical financial information related to topics such as carve-out transactions. As your IPO consultants, we evaluate the risks involved in entering the capital markets. Our comfort letters are essential for banks and other capital market participants. Capital increases, placing share packages and changing between stock market segments can even have an impact on the growth strategy of companies that are already on a stock market. We put together a team of experts to fit your specific needs for every aspect of the capital markets, no matter how complex. We work together with investment banks and other consultants in effective partnerships.

Secure transactions – even in turbulent times on the stock markets

Your success is our goal: Our experts accompany you with fast and reliable guidance throughout your capital market transaction. We provide support from assessing your company’s suitability for the capital markets through to the first communication and the implementation phase. We are always focused on achieving long-term success for our clients. We believe your deal is our deal. Together, we’ll get the best deal for you, even in turbulent times on the stock market.

“Capital Markets” is part of our transaction process. An overview of all our transaction processes you can find here.

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