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Recognising opportunities and risks related to selling companies

Anybody who wants to sell a company or business area must make a lot of information available to potential buyers. But what information is relevant – and how should it be presented in order to successfully conclude a deal? And what role do ESG criteria play?

Our team has decades of experience of handling transactions, providing reliable support with the preparation and completion of a sale or carve-out.

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Complex questions about market practices and regulations when selling a company

Robust preparation and experience are key factors in successfully selling a company. Meaningful financial and tax-related information on the business area being sold play an important role. Many sellers are uncertain about what information they are required to provide to interested buyers. Many questions arise: What are the relevant success factors in a spin-off or when selling a company? How can the business area be presented in a way that shows it is already self-sufficient? Which accepted market practices and regulatory considerations must be observed when preparing for a carve-out? And what is the best way to present relevant data about a company or a potential carved-out business? Is there potential to create value that could have a positive effect on the business valuation? How can ESG positioning be leveraged? What operative implications arise from a carve-out? What could the separation look like in detail? These questions are relevant for potential buyers and must be answered as part of a comprehensive due diligence process.

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Decades of expertise and disruptive technologies

The PwC team has decades of experience in managing transactions and can provide expert answers to these questions – and many more – quickly and in a way that is customised to your specific situation. Our Corporate Finance team helps you to select the right buyer. We analyse regulatory requirements for our clients and prepare financial statements for carve-outs in line with applicable accounting standards including IFRS, US GAAP, Chinese GAAP and others. The integration of the ESG exit story and the preparation of the ESG factbook are also among our tasks. We provide support with designing the right tax-related and legal company structures. If requested, we can extract, process and analyse data for you. Our experts provide efficient support, and can analyse and create visualisations of your data using the latest data and analytics solutions. This enables problems to be identified at an early stage so the appropriate measures can be taken. We adapt our range of services to meet your unique needs and accompany you throughout the journey. This will provide you with full transparency about what’s happening at every stage. Whether your business is a start-up, an SME or a stock-market-listed company, we’re by your side as a partner, adding value with our many years of experience and our comprehensive industry knowledge.

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Turning opportunities into success and minimising risks. We believe your deal is our deal. Together, we’ll make your deal a success – even in times of great change.

We know the “dos” and “don’ts” for all types of sales processes – and we’re aware of the opportunities and risks that can arise during a transaction. We minimise the risks involved in your transaction through our customised analysis, tailored contracts, support during operational implementation and preparation of financial statements on carve-out businesses. With our value-creation approach, we conduct detailed analysis on the target company during the due diligence phase – also from ESG point of view –, and support you in the preparation for a successful sale. We work with you to identify value creation opportunities, and integrate these insights into the preparations for the sale.

“Company sale” is part of our transaction advice. An overview of all our advisory services you can find here.

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Erik Hummitzsch

Erik Hummitzsch

Member of the Management Board, Deal Advisory Leader and Co-Leader Consulting Solutions, PwC Germany