Transactions: Technology, Media and Telecommunications

The increasing speed of technological transformation is presenting new challenges for almost every industry. This includes the dynamic markets for technology, media and telecommunications – which are constantly reinventing themselves. The impact of this rapid change is causing companies to constantly reposition themselves in the market, while also re-evaluating and adapting their existing business models. This means companies need to develop and use new capabilities and technologies, or consider divesting any models that are no longer necessary in order to ensure long-term success.

Convergence is everywhere, in every industry, in every business model. Within the technology, media and telecommunications industry, this is not only a convergence within its own industry – for example, with telecom companies becoming publishers of media content. Instead, it is also an accelerator for change in other industries. These days, almost every company is a technology company. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of growth opportunities: Acquisitions, carve-outs, sales or mergers are significant transformational steps. And these steps require expert support in identifying all of the related opportunities and risks. Our Deals team is here to help you.

Drive your growth and secure your future

In many cases, a transaction is a form of transformation that occurs under enormous time pressure. As a result, expert support is very valuable: Our team has specific industry knowledge, an international network and many decades of experience. We support you in successfully mastering the current and future challenges facing your company. We provide our clients with high-quality transactions consultancy within an efficient timeframe. Our goal is to solve complex business problems and build trust.

An overview of our services

Your deal is unique. No two deals are the same. PwC has developed a wide range of solutions to provide the best possible support at every stage in the transaction process and to ensure success for your company. We offer: 

  • Acquisition support including strategic market analysis and identifying suitable transaction targets
  • Commercial due diligence, as well as financial, tax, digital, IT and operational due diligence
  • Divestment support, ranging from M&A lead advisory as a corporate finance team, through to support with vendor due diligence services
  • Valuation services for purchase price allocation and deal valuation
  • Integration support to achieve and maximise your deal success
  • Carve-out services to successfully conduct a sale or IPO

“Transactions: Technology, Media and Telecommunications” is part of our consulting service. An overview of all our transaction processes you can find here.

Global M&A Trends in Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Digital adoption remains a priority, although increased uncertainty across all markets adds new dimensions to the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) M&A outlook.

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