Transactions: Real Estate

Globalisation has increased the importance and complexity of real estate transactions. Target-oriented strategies for real estate investments and sales are crucial for increasing value – and that's where PwC can help.

Real estate transactions are extremely complex due to an increasingly competitive climate, frequent changes in conditions of use and the need to optimise financing. In this demanding environment, proper due diligence solutions are necessary to reduce uncertainty for buyers and sellers, as well as to identify hidden risks and speed up the closing of deals.

Drive your growth and secure your future

M&A advice needs to be extremely efficient and has to provide clients with solutions within a short timeframe to create a foundation for decision-making. PwC offers tailor-made concepts for transactions and sets high quality standards. Our specialists are there to support clients during transactions and ensure a transparent process. We aim to help clients make the right decisions for the future.

An overview of our services

PwC has developed flexible solutions to give investors competitive advantages in the market and make real estate transactions easier:

  • Advice for real estate investments – buy-side deal support services
  • Advice for real estate investments – sell-side deal support services

The PwC Real Estate team offers:

  • Comprehensive support for real estate transactions in Germany and other European countries
  • An interdisciplinary approach (e.g. focusing on real estate, finance, tax or law)
  • Regional knowledge in an international real estate network
  • Transparent and efficient process management
  • High degree of flexibility and committed teams
  • Comprehensive references and high credibility

“Transactions: Real Estate” is part of our consulting service. An overview of all our transaction processes you can find here.

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