Secure digitisation with cloud computing

Implementing cloud projects quickly and securely

The cloud opens up new possibilities to launch state-of-the-art applications and tailor IT resources to your business needs extremely quickly and easily. However, high speed must not come at the expense of security. Although companies do hand over the operations for parts of the IT stack when they procure cloud resources, they are still responsible for complying with statutory requirements and must know exactly which tasks they handle and which are undertaken by cloud service providers.

The experts at PwC help you keep all the risks associated with cybersecurity, data protection, and compliance under control. We map out secure cloud architecture, evaluate the cloud security of your company, and realise security measures to protect you against cyber threats.

Ensuring security, data protection, and compliance

Developing and implementing a security strategy for cloud use

The first step of any cloud transformation is the development of a cloud strategy which accounts for both the IT strategy and business strategy of your company. Security aspects represent an important pillar of this cloud strategy. The earlier the challenges associated with the targeted cloud operating models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) are transparent, the more purposefully measures can be taken to ensure secure and compliant cloud use – from architectural design up to the handling of cyber incidents.

Identifying risks and setting up security measures

The shared responsibility model always applies when obtaining cloud resources. However, depending on the operating model and cloud service provider, the operational responsibility allocated to service providers and users can differ. The first priority is gaining an overview. Compliance reports from cloud service providers are helpful in this context. Based on the identified changes to their IT risk profile, companies must modify their control systems and implement all the necessary security measures. 

Observing data protection and compliance requirements

As the users of cloud resources, companies are responsible for ensuring that the services being operated fulfill all statutory requirements. Therefore, data protection, security, and compliance certifications must be thoroughly considered when selecting a service provider. Furthermore, the properties of the cloud services must be carefully coordinated with your business-related provisions and IT processes. For example, regardless of the operating model they employ, companies are always responsible for the handling of data, as well as identity and access management. 

Cloud security – Security throughout the entire cloud life cycle

Regardless of whether you want to implement a new business or operating model using the cloud or make existing cloud applications more secure, we assist you in keeping all the associated cyber and compliance risks under control. Our cyber experts use proven methods to guarantee your cloud environment is protected.

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With PwC, you are on the safe side with your cloud security

Extensive experience in risk and compliance management

As auditors and consultants with cloud experience, we are very familiar with all the challenges in connection with the implementation of statutory requirements and industry-specific regulations. Because we support both cloud service providers and cloud users, we know how important it is to coordinate their responsibilities, especially in grey areas in which IT and compliance processes are intertwined.

Cybersecurity expertise for your security

In order for a digital transformation to be successful, companies must highly prioritise cybersecurity. The cyber experts at PwC help you check your cloud IT for vulnerabilities and implement security measures. In doing so, we rely on proven methods and customise the measures to suit the company's individual risk profile and the need to protect the affected systems and data.

Confidence and security for successful cloud services

PwC has been committed to trustworthy digitisation in the cloud for years. We are active advocates in German, European, and international cloud initiatives, promote standards, and are developing a set of requirements in collaboration with institutions such as the Federal Office for Information Security. In addition to the certification of cloud service providers, we assess the cloud security of companies, and help you realise secure and trustworthy services along each step of your pathway into the cloud.

Uncompromising cloud security is a significant factor for the success of a digital transformation. Only secure cloud services can build the necessary confidence. Cloud service providers and cloud users are both responsible for this.

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