Cloud Transformation Journey

Fast and cost-efficient into the cloud

A tried-and-tested procedure for a successful cloud transformation

Cloud computing is a significant basis for flexible IT infrastructures and the implementation of digital business models. It opens up completely new possibilities for companies to react to the dynamics of their business, use state-of-the-art technologies and develop new products and services. 

The conversion to cloud computing, however, is an immense feat for many companies which it is very difficult to overcome on one’s own. Based on the experience of numerous successful cloud projects, PwC has developed a five stage approach which makes it possible to achieve a systematic, fast and cost-efficient cloud transformation. We accompany you with tried-and-tested methods from strategy to operation in all phases of your Cloud Transformation Journey.

Five phases on the road to successful cloud usage

The Cloud Transformation Journey forms the central point of our holistic advisory service. It is broken down into five sections which reflect all of the significant phases on the path to successful cloud utilisation. In doing so, we address your situation individually – irrespective of whether you are just starting your cloud journey or have already been using the cloud on a routine basis for many years.

From the initial strategy to reliable operation

At the beginning of the development there is a cloud strategy. The reason why this is so important is that cloud transformation is not just a technical measure, but instead it influences your business and many areas of your company. After preparation of the strategy, a cloud architecture has to be developed which fulfils all necessary demands on performance, stability and flexibility. It should be tuned to your IT strategy and contribute to the business objectives.

In the next phase, cloud sourcing brings with it the challenge of selecting the appropriate cloud provider and cloud service provider and preparing the appropriate agreements. This is then followed by technical implementation – the cloud migration. Along with the transition from old systems to new architecture, this is where it is also important to master all changes for people, structures and processes. The last phase is the cloud operation. Here, object process and success controls, as well as constant appraisal, ensure that the new infrastructure is running smoothly

Further challenges – from compliance through steering to data protection

Along with the five phases of the Cloud Transformation Journey, our portfolio covers all relevant adjoining areas where questions arise as part of a cloud introduction. For example: What adjustments have to be made to safety standards, changes to authorisation processes or data protection requirements implemented in the cloud environment? What contractual, labor and tax-law questions arise with a conversion to cloud computing? What configuration of directives, structures and processes is necessary for an agile cloud governance?

The interdisciplinary and cloud-experienced PwC network has the answers to all these questions and accompanies you competently and reliably into the world of cloud computing.

Our services covering every aspect of the Cloud Transformation Journey

Cloud Strategy

Cloud based business and operating models call for rethinking in many respects. We help you develop a holistic cloud strategy which is aligned directly at your business objectives – while at the same time focusing not only on the individual situation of your company but also on the added value for your customers.

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Cloud Architecture

The concept of a secure, modular and scalable cloud architecture is a significant precondition for sustained, cost-efficient cloud solutions. Together with you, we analyse all requirements and develop a tailor-made, stabile and high-performance architecture with which you can realise your business model rapidly.

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Cloud Sourcing

The choice of a cloud provider should be given careful thought. Together with you, we will carry out a preliminary check of the requirements and prepare selection criteria, negotiations and contractual agreements. As an independent consultant, we are not tied to any individual cloud service providers. We sound out the complete market and find the best solution for your business.

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Cloud Migration

Migration into the cloud is anything but trivial, above all in the case of critical business applications. Among other things, attention must be paid to dependencies and effects on the existing IT environment. Taking into consideration your individual IT landscape, we ensure a fast and smooth migration with tried-and-tested methods.

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Cloud Operation

When operating cloud services, the point is to provide a stable and scaleable IT infrastructure which contributes to the business at the same time. We assist you over the complete cloud life cycle in ensuring secure and problem-free operation and creating a sound basis for innovation.

The use of cloud services has far-reaching effects on personnel, organisation and processes. Finding the appropriate future work practices for your company is a challenge. We support you and contribute our experience.

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“Companies have to switch over to cloud computing in order to keep up with the high dynamics of digital change and implement innovations rapidly, securely and cost efficiently. PwC assists its customers with competence and reliability so that they can call up the full potential of the cloud for their business.”

Hauke Schaettiger,PwC Expert for Cloud Computing
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Hauke Schaettiger

Hauke Schaettiger

Partner, PwC Germany

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Sebastian Paas

Partner, PwC Germany