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Innovative strategies and modern technologies for outstanding service

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies – both B2B and B2C – to differentiate themselves from competitors through products. So how do you improve customer engagement? Through excellent service. With high pre-sales and after-sales service quality, companies can inspire their customers and retain them in the long term. And they can do so while reducing the costs of customer engagement measures.

PwC works with you to develop innovative pre-sales and after-sales strategies and concepts. In doing so, we equip you with the tools to create segment-specific or individualised customer experiences across all touchpoints. Together with you, we design a customer approach strategy around your detailed knowledge, and perfect your sales services and processes using innovative technologies. We support you from pre-sales and after-sales strategy development to the implementation of all measures. Contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ground-breaking Benchmarking

Many companies lack reliable guidance when redesigning their pre-sales and after-sales services. This weakens customer engagement. Benchmarking solves this problem. Take advantage of PwC's benchmarking expertise: Together with you, we determine the internal maturity levels of your service strategy, service organisation and service technologies. Then we compare the results with companies from your peer group and the leading service providers in the market. We supplement our findings with measurable indicators such as financial results, performance and quality metrics. And we compare your customers' expectations with their actual service experiences – across all of your company's customer touchpoints.

PwC's service benchmarking helps you clearly identify your potential for improvement in pre-sales and after-sales service. Global best practices, which we make available to you from our global network, show you how best to drive further engagement and thus significantly increase customer loyalty. We are always looking for ways to build effective customer engagement measures into your pre-sales and after-sales services, complementing marketing and increasing customers' willingness to buy your products and services as well as long-term customer loyalty.

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Digital Rightsizing

Often, customer service is more expensive than you would like, and the quality falls short of your aspirations. We change that. PwC supports you in reducing the costs of your pre-sales and after-sales service, while improving the quality of your customer engagement measures, achieving higher margins and increasing the willingness of customers to buy additional products, services and services. To achieve this, we work with you to design a new organisational and operational structure based on your needs and targets. We assist you in digitising pre-sales and after-sales service processes, shifting field service, office service and contact centre activities to self-service portals and chat or voice bots. And we implement intelligent, personalised services for your customers.

After rightsizing, the manual effort of your pre-sales and after-sales service organisation will be reduced, while customer retention will be significantly improved, powered by a secure customer data platform and new technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics.

Infographic about Customer Centric Transformation by PwC Germany

Personalised Design

Innovative, personalised pre-sales and after-sales service strategies increase customer loyalty and lead to more targeted budget allocations. As a transformation partner for companies’ customer service and related customer loyalty measures, PwC can work with you to implement personalisation that identifies and responds to your customers' changing requirements for interaction and service. We translate the results into personalised content across all customer touchpoints. We unify your knowledge of customer profiles, segments and personas into a unique pre-sales and after-sales service concept that is 100 percent focused on your customers' needs. Your knowledge of your customers becomes the starting point for the operational implementation of personalised, skill-based routing to provide the best possible pre-sales and after-sales service, in real time, across all channels.

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Optimised Contact Centres

To achieve leaps in service quality, companies need to modernise their contact centres. Harness the high level of expertise within PwC's Customer Transformation team to rethink the sourcing strategy of your contact centres. With the comprehensive range of available measures, your company will benefit just as much as your customers. We include opportunities in digitalisation and marketing, market changes due to new competitors, and promising innovations for better outsourcing services.

Together with you, we evaluate alternative courses of action and adapt them to your current sourcing mix. In doing so, we also keep an eye on the control and remuneration systems for outsourcing services. This way, you will benefit from significant cost reductions and simultaneous quality improvements in your contact centres. Customer loyalty will increase.

Infographic about Customer Centric Transformation by PwC Germany

“For companies to remain successful in the digital age, their contact centres must offer state-of-the-art customer service. PwC supports its clients in this, with innovative service concepts, new technologies and a high level of implementation expertise.”

Matthias Riveiro,Partner and Customer Engagement Expert at PwC Germany

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