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Rising to a new age of customer centricity

In the age of customer centricity business put their customers front and center. They build the journey around the customer and include nearly every touchpoint in this journey. However, one key element is missing: Connecting the customers with their devices and thereby offering a true end2end experience. The combination of customers and devices offers companies the opportunity to take advantage of previously untapped benefits. 

PwC’s Customer Centric IoT (CCIoT) offers our clients and businesses like yours the necessary advisory offerings and technology solutions to extend the customer journey and complete the 360° view of the customer.

The technical solution opens up new possibilities, such as transparent, real-time asset management, predictive maintenance and a usage-based selling approach. 

By using CCIoT, customers can receive excellent service that takes the customer experience to a new level. Let's take advantage of the digital benefits of the new age of customer centricity! 

Explore our CCIoT Use Cases

Gain transparency of your entire device portfolio in use at your customers.

Become pro-active as a customer service organization.

Pivot into new business models and invoice themes.

Reduce the Mean Time to Repair by automating service systems.

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PwC’s technology solutions

Leveraging the power of Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM solution in Sales and Aftersales / Customer Service we have built a technology accelerator. This accelerator extends the customer 360° view with the information supplied by the customers’ devices – provided to Salesforce by using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This accelerator not only provides an excellent proving ground for new initiatives and business model changes, it also speeds up IT implementation projects.

Pre-Built Standardized Data Model

Leveraging PwC’s Salesforce and IoT excellence, a standardized data model for IoT-applications within CRM has been configured. This data model provides the baseline to enable seamless integrations and realize key use case. It is extendable for every client use.

Standard Interfaces

The standard interfaces enable the secure transmission of data from the customer device to Salesforce. For the leading IoT platforms from Amazon and Microsoft standardized adapters are available to directly tap into the IoT data and feed them into the business value generating CRM.

E2E Processes and Automations

CCIoT is built as an accelerator – it provides the necessary basics and can be used out of the box. It provides end2end capabilities for device management and predictive maintenance as well as usage based selling* and field service automation* (*release 2). Still, it is a breathing application to be adopted to Your business needs.

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Take a look at our demo video to become familiar with the benefits of our CCIoT Console in the case management process.

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