Case Study: A standardized “market to invoice” process based on Salesforce

23 April, 2020

Client Challenge

The next stage of the transformation process

Leadec was founded in 2017 when the former parent company Voith sold the Industrial Services division to the investor Triton. Now independent and with a new brand positioning, the newly established company sets itself ambitious growth targets and aims to become a global service champion. The digitalization strategy became a competitive factor towards achieving their goal. They were looking to implement a digital platform to create higher efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In the past, however, market requirements had led Leadec to adapt to local customer needs, resulting in significant differences in operational processes between regional hubs. In addition, the system processes that reported  sales, service and financial accounting processes were not integrated and related business processes were not fully coordinated.

A system was needed that could cover "market to invoice" processes globally, from customer inquiries to invoicing. In addition, the change management aspect of such a digital transformation had to be considered as Leadec employees worldwide were now not only exposed to new IT systems daily, but importantly their previous working methods needed to be adapted to working within new systems and processes.


Our Approach

Onboarding, training and data migration

As part of this large-scale digitization project, Leadec initially harmonized all global sales and service processes, which enabled a common understanding of the need for an integrated global platform to be created as well as corresponding IT functionality requirements to be derived.

Based on these findings, Leadec together with the implementation partner PwC decided to implement Salesforce due to its high functional coverage. With our experience and specialisation in customer-centric transformation we were able to implement the Salesforce platform quickly and achieve a high level of digital enablement amongst their employees.

For Leadec, we applied an industry-specific methodology for the rollout by focusing on onboarding, training and data migration. This enabled a rapid rollout in a highly decentralized company with more than 200 locations worldwide, which also contributed towards the acceptance and adoption of the new solution.

The result

High levels of digital adoption globally

Despite the complex requirements, the solution was developed within six (sales) and eight months (service processing) utilizing our CRP approach. The rollout enabled all 250 sales cloud users to be trained and activated for the new solution within two months. In service processing (Field Service Lightning and Service Cloud) more than 600 users at over 30 locations in six countries had access to the platform within six months by the end of 2019, while system adaptation is still increasing today. Customer satisfaction has also increased upon the introduction of the new system, particularly related to the cost savings achieved and the increased efficiency and transparency throughout the entire sales and service processes.

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