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Marketing is undergoing a radical change: Instead of drawing attention to new products in a discrete manner, it is now designed to create long-term, value-creating customer relationships. Marketing strategies are increasingly based on understanding customers better and delivering tailored messages at the right stage of the customer journey, creating loyal customers and brand champions in the long term. In addition, there is growing pressure on marketing to use its resources efficiently and to be able to demonstrate its added value internally.

Marketing intelligence faces growing complexity: mountains of customer data, new (mobile) channels, personalised profiles. It has to coordinate with other departments in real time to ensure a seamless customer experience. All this with ever-advancing marketing intelligence platforms, analytics solutions and competitive frameworks.

Our Approach:

Our goal is to sustainably equip your marketing to meet this challenge: we offer analytics, customer intelligence, channel optimisation and marketing valuation. We use an agile approach to support you closely with personnel or our platforms. We equip you with the speed that will make your marketing transformation a success.

“Customer intelligence provides the basis for using customer data profitably. This allows us to use modern analytics models to evaluate customer relationships and journeys on an individual level and thus significantly reduce the cost per marketing action.”

Mathias Elsässer, Partner Marketing Advisory at PwC Germany
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Mathias Elsässer

Mathias Elsässer

Partner, Marketing Advisory, PwC Germany

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Michael Graf

Lead Customer Transformation DE & EU, PwC Germany

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