Marketing efficiency for a leading start-up in the automotive industry

Increasing marketing efficiency by a factor of 3

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  • 31 Jul 2023

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Challenge & Situation 

Our client wants to position itself as a pioneer in the field of eMobility within the automotive industry. Missing processes and structures prevent the customer from scaling marketing activities to build a strong brand. Challenges lie mainly in global scaling and automation, as well as the use of data and technology for a long-term sustainable organisation.

Our approach 

We helped our client build one of the first agile data-driven marketing organisations. This enabled the company to establish itself as a leading start-up in the automotive industry.

  • Development of a holistic and global marketing approach from strategic planning to automated creation and execution of campaigns (paid, earned, owned) to the definition of KPIs and performance measurement
  • Implementation of a data-based, agile marketing approach embedded in marketing automation software along the full marketing lifecycle
  • Implementation of a Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP) and Marketing Cloud (MC) to build understanding about target groups and optimise marketing activities
  • Development and implementation of fully automated and cross-channel customer journeys within marketing activities
  • Development of a roadmap to scale our client’s marketing globally across 11+ markets using PwC’s data-driven marketing framework ma.tomics
  • Continuous optimisation of marketing activities by establishing an agile marketing approach within the client’s organisation
  • Uniform and organisation-wide data and segment taxonomy
  • Provision of the necessary systems, tools and processes and support of the organisation (e.g. marketing planning, reporting, etc.)
  • Development of a real-time brand valuation (RBV) and establishment of an action-driven optimisation of the brand value

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Result and impact 

  • Structured global marketing alignment within the organisation across 11+ markets
  • 100% transparency in marketing planning across all markets and activities
  • Increase marketing efficiency by a factor of 3 through a data-based approach and optimisation of the organisation
  • Regular evaluation and comparison of brand value in “real time”
  • Scaling the marketing organisation as a basic prerequisite for the future

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Mathias Elsässer

Mathias Elsässer

Partner, Marketing Advisory, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 175 5158588