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Jana Kamenik
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The Human Success Factor

Today, more than ever, companies are operating under the enormous pressure of digitalization and are consequently investing more and more in new software and cloud technologies. With the help of digital solutions, they want to explore new sales channels, increase customer reach, become more efficient, and boost sales and profits.

But why do so many of these projects fail to achieve their targeted return on investment? The answer to this question is quite simple: Changing technology or solely implementing a new process will not transform your business. According to studies, 70 percent of digitalization projects fail to achieve their targeted return on investment because employees are not sufficiently involved in the transformation process. 

Therefore the leading cause for failure is inadequate change management and the resulting lack of empowerment and motivation of employees to exploit the full potential of new technologies for themselves and the company.

But how do you convince and motivate your workforce to play an active role in shaping and supporting the transformation in your company? How can an organization move away from the status quo and embrace new ways of working? Our answer to this is known as “digital enablement”.

Animation explaining Customer Centric Transformation by PwC Germany

We know what to expect

Navigating through our own global transformation, we experienced first hand that it takes much more than just training in the new system to break down old thought patterns and establish new ways of working across the entire company.

Based on this and other valuable findings from many years of experience executing all kinds of digitalization projects, we have developed our innovative e.tomics framework, which allows our customers to take an equally flexible yet structured approach to their change management process.

Infographic about the PwC Digital Enablement e.tomics Framework

Using proven methods and immersive learning formats, we motivate and empower your employees for upcoming changes and new digital business models. At the end of the day, digital transformations require more than just an appropriate digital infrastructure. A well thought-out concept and the commitment of your employees and the management is the key success factor for a sustainable implementation & transformation.

Our modern and field-tested approach consists of a total of 18 e.tomics (modules) and modern change management components, which can be arranged and combined individually based on your current needs.

Each individual e.tomic has a different focus and helps us to motivate and empower your employees for the upcoming change. The e.tomics are based on the current recommendations and latest standards of adult education, as well as the ©Prosci Change Management Program.

Popular e.tomics learning formats

See how PwC's e.tomics framework can be used to accelerate transformations. Let yourself be inspired:

What's it about?

An engaged leadership team greatly supports the transformation process. We enable your leaders through 1:1 coachings and leadership workshops to become true agents of change. By gathering support from the leadership team, the transformation can profit greatly from less resistance and strong role-models that “walk the talk”.

What's it about?

Transformations can be long and exhausting processes for employees. Getting used to new systems and processes can take a long time and is not always fun. So, we decided to make learning fun to create a long lasting learning experience. We developed gamified training solutions and make use of a diverse set of tools like the Digital Fitness App, App Learn, (virtual) Escape Rooms or Treasure hunts, and many more to make learning fun. By combining the latest trends in technology with our extensive experience in the development of training, we were able to create a fun learning experience.

What's it about?

Based on our vast experience with customer transformation, we created adoption playbooks guiding you from day 1 to day 100 describing activities, campaigns and actions needed to motivate and enable users. To boost adoption communication we use tools and templates for regular communication. Our live dashboards will allow you to keep monitoring your progress even in the later states of the transformation. This will help you to keep your users engaged in the process.

“People within your organization make or break your digital transformation – it’s time to put them in the center of attention.”

Jana Kamenik,Digital Enablement Lead, PwC Germany

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