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Wolfgang Sock

Wolfgang Sock
Senior Manager at PwC Germany

Data no longer just underpins decisions – it drives them

No area in business is untouched by technology, and high-quality data – and reliable analytics, have become must-haves. In short: “data-driven” is no longer exclusively a question about future viability; it is business-critical today. We help your company address complex market dynamics by gaining greater access to data and deriving the appropriate insights.

And to ensure that you meet the data quality and compliance requirements that our new data-driven world demands of your company, we rethink your data landscape together. Because when it comes to data, a transparent and holistic approach – from collection to trusted business intelligence to transformation – is our mantra.

“From strategy to implementation, we support your transformation to a data-driven company with international expertise. We are dedicated to your sustainable success in an increasingly volatile world.”

Wolfgang Sock,Senior Manager at PwC Germany
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Reaching the top with first-class data

Together, we define precisely what data all your business processes and leadership team require – from marketing to sales to service. The goal is top-quality data that is available when needed. Our service enables you to put your data to work through gaining new knowledge about your business, creating new business cases, and developing new products and services.  Comprehensive, high-quality data enables more consistent automation – which means less effort and routine work for your employees and more time to focus on strategy and value-added activities.

In concrete terms, our solutions offer you:

  • Full transparency of required and available data
  • Access to all types of relevant data
  • Agile data handling from maintenance to analysis

“More disciplines are becoming digital, automated, and data-driven, bringing challenging new requirements. The right answer: high-quality data and maximum agility in access, analysis, exchange and transformation. Because business champions must also be data champions.”

Wolfgang Sock,Senior Manager at PwC Germany

Our data excellence framework

A structured, customer-centric transformation needs quality data, and good data management requires a system. Our holistic enterprise data management framework covers eight essential elements for generating value for your company systematically.

Our framework captures the fundamental aspects behind your company’s data-driven transformation and new digital business models, from data strategy to the necessary technologies.

Infographic about Customer Centric Transformation by PwC Germany

Our data and quality management services

Data strategy

With the increasing digitisation of business models and processes, the future belongs to data-driven companies. A coherent data strategy helps convey the vision, ambition, and targets alongside the design principles and company timeframes. We would be happy to advise you on this.

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Data governance

Data is increasingly becoming the operating resource for all business activities. New requirements accompany this; optimal data quality is becoming increasingly important. For this, clear data ownership and a shared understanding of how to handle data are critical. The essential roles and responsibilities must be defined and assigned, for example, data steward and data engineer. Only in this way can data quality be made measurable and continuously collected.

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SAP master data governance (MDG)

We advise your company on the implementation of SAP MDG. The state-of-the-art solution for master data management offers preconfigured, domain-specific master data governance. It makes it easy for you to keep an eye on data quality and create, change and distribute master data centrally. The application also helps consolidate master data across the entire system landscape. With our expertise, implementation and control succeed quickly and smoothly.

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Data catalogue

Core requirement: structured documentation. Only those who know their data flows and consistently maintain high data quality can fully exploit the potential of business intelligence. A data catalogue supports you in providing comprehensive documentation for business departments and IT, promotes collaboration in the proper data context, and (depending on the technology) enables a quick overview of responsibilities, rights, and quality.

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Data migration in large projects

You face a significant transformation, for example, implementing SAP or Salesforce. Many such projects fail because the data migration was not done carefully or on time. We support you throughout all project phases – from the migration concept, through early data analysis and coordinating those involved in data cleansing, to the actual data transformation and loading into the new target system. Consequently, nothing stands in the way of a successful and timely go-live of your change programme – and with the highest data quality.

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Test management in large projects

High quality is crucial for success – in the specific transformation process and your business overall. A fundamental prerequisite is robust testing. We advise you conceptually and implement your vision technically. We ensure that processes and systems function as planned for enhanced customer and employee satisfaction.

Questions about testing? We are happy to help.

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“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

W. Edwards Deming
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Wolfgang Sock

Wolfgang Sock

Senior Manager Advisory, PwC Germany

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