COVID-19 business continuity

12 March, 2020

We want to provide the best possible support to our customers and continue to deliver a high-quality service, even during extraordinary times. Our employees are vital in helping us achieve this goal and using up-to-date technology and internal PwC services also help contribute towards making our operations robust and secure. Nevertheless, despite the available options, we are aware that there are limits to robustness.

As such, at PwC we have established an effective system for managing crises and emergencies, namely our Business Continuity Management concept. This ensures the continuation or timely resumption of business operations during times of crisis.

The concept systematically prepares us to be able to provide a comprehensive response to a wide range of damaging events, such as: flooding, pandemics, natural catastrophes or terror attacks. Our response covers all organisational, technical and personal measures required for the continuation of our core business in the immediate aftermath of any such internal or external events. It also assists in the gradual resumption of normal operations across the entire business, even in times of prolonged disruption.

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

While the coronavirus is presenting us with a brand new set of challenges, our approach towards tackling external risks remains the same: we are doing everything in our power to ensure the safety of our employees, of our clients and of our society.

So far, we have taken the following important measures:

We are following the spread of the virus on a daily basis and wherever possible, we are implementing appropriate measures to protect our employees, clients, and society. The foundation for our decisions is the information provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Federal and State Ministries of Health (Bundes- und Landesgesundheitsministerien), the Robert Koch Institute, and the Foreign Office.

We have established a central task force and set up an internal COVID-19 website, where we provide our employees with useful information and updates on any recent developments.

We have updated our travel guidelines and continue to update them as the situation develops.

With respect to the daily routine at PwC, we have communicated measures and recommendations to help combat the spread of the virus and to help protect our employees. These measures are of the highest priority for us because our employees are our greatest asset. In this context, we are advising against travel to high risk areas and countries, wherever possible encouraging our employees to organise virtual meetings/events, and inviting staff to make the most out of our regulations regarding flexible working.

In addition, we are working closely together with our customers and agreeing on the correct course of action on a case by case basis. In doing so, we are noting and respecting all measures which our customers have implemented at their own businesses, and, as with our employees, we are also advocating virtual meeting options and flexible methods of working together to our customers.