Deal Announcement 11/17: Pharma & MedTech

PwC M&A acted as the exclusive financial advisor to the shareholders of PlasmaPunkt Favoriten and Plasmaspendezentrum Donaustadt on the sale to Agnis Plasma

The Deal

The German PwC M&A team is pleased to announce the successful Closing of Project LIFE, the sale of PlasmaPunkt Favoriten GmbH and Plasmaspendezentrum Donaustadt GmbH (together “PlasmaPunkt” or the “Companies”) to Agnis Plasma Limited (“Agnis”), an SPV set up by private investors to build a new player in the European blood plasma market. PwC M&A acted as exclusive financial advisor to the shareholders of PlasmaPunkt on this transaction.

PlasmaPunkt is one of a few fractionator-independent plasma sourcing companies based in Austria, thus representing one of the last potentially available targets to access or extend an existing presence in the European plasma sourcing market. The business has been able to establish long-standing relationships with key customers and a renowned brand as one of just three players for plasma sourcing in the Austrian market.

Following diligent preparation PwC approached a carefully selected, highly limited number of potential investors and arranged a competitive sell-side process. Agnis appeared as the best partner to take over the business and exploit existing and new business opportunities for the benefit of the Companies, its employees and the shareholders.


PlasmaPunkt Favoriten and Plasmaspendezentrum Donaustadt are two independently operating plasmapheresis donation centers with a combined total output volume of approx. 55,000 liters per annum. The Companies were founded in 2007 and 2008, respectively, and are headquartered in Vienna, Austria. PlasmaPunkt is recognized as a valued partner to major European plasma fractionators and sourcing companies.

Agnis Plasma

Agnis Plasma is a new international investment holding, established by Lithuanian investor Antanas Petrosius in July, 2017. The majority of the holding‘s investments will be earmarked for biotechnology companies across Europe, manufacturing of new-generation pharmaceutical products, and applied biotechnological research in both Europe and other regions. According to the company‘s investment program, its investments will total EUR 7.3 million in 2017. Over EUR 100 million are planned to be invested in 2018-2021.


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The PwC M&A team in Germany acted as exclusive financial advisor to the shareholders of PlasmaPunkt.

The PwC M&A deal team consisted of Alexander Wenzel (Director), Ingo Czyganowski (Senior Consultant), Viktoria Benning (Consultant) and Yixin Hu (Consultant).

Deal Announcement 11/17: Pharma & MedTech

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