Advisory services in environmental and energy regulation

Companies in the energy and environmental sectors (in particular water and sewage services) generally require a comprehensive network infrastructure to carry out their business. In this field, PwC can provide the wide-ranging expertise businesses need.

Value creation in the energy and environmental industries essentially results from network operation. By integrating other supply chain links such as procurement and distribution fully integrated service providers offer a comprehensive service to their customers.

With more than 1,000 auditors and consultants in this sector, PwC can offer wide-ranging expertise and advises energy and environmental businesses at any stage in the supply chain as well as on any commercial, technical and legal issues. This also applies to related shared services.

Make or buy

The sourcing of energy is set to play a central role for the energy supply in the future. Taking the right make-or-buy decisions is becoming the key to success for companies in the energy industry. Once having decided to generate their own power, they will have to determine which primary energy source to use (for example gas, coal or oil) and to what extent renewable energy can be relied upon. 

If power is bought in, the key to success lies in the spread of the portfolio.

This includes:

  • Power station planning
  • Make or buy
  • Portfolio management
  • Analysis of energy demand
  • Optimisation of energy sourcing
  • Tendering procedures

Network operation

The operating of networks is increasingly being subjected to ever-more-strict regulation. The regulatory bodies - above all the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) - set the parameters for network access and network charges. In order to respond to these regulatory challenges, businesses need strong regulatory management systems in place.

PwC advises a large number of businesses in the sectors affected on all issues relating to regulatory management, network access and network charges.

Our services include:

  • Network planning and optimisation
  • Assessment of the inherent value or earning power of networks
  • Support on network regulation
  • Calculation of charges in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • Access to electricity and gas networks
  • Capacities and capacity trading


Distribution is becoming increasingly exposed to free market competition. Keeping up with the market requires efficient and competitive processes.

PwC assists businesses in analysing their processes by identifying and removing weaknesses and inefficiencies. This service portfolio is rounded off by costing and pricing services.

Our distribution services cover:

  • Optimisation of distribution processes
  • Billing of metered clients
  • Load profiles
  • Cost calculation
  • Charges and pricing
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