Customer Strategy

Holistic and integrated market strategies to ensure sustainable growth

Taking marketing, sales, pricing, and service to a new level­

With the digitisation of all areas of society, companies must master the digital transformation of their marketing, sales, pricing, and service functions effectively.­ This includes business model adaptations, optimised product and service portfolios, as well as an aligned go-to-market approach. PwC is your ideal consulting partner for all customer-specific issues.

In this context, we distinguish between a strategic, functional, and technical perspective. New technologies enable novel use cases and applications which require an integrated approach to rethinking customer strategy.­

Together with your management, we enhance commercial operating models, embed them within innovative IT platforms/solutions, and derive concrete plans for implementation. Our goal is to support value generation and improve customer experience to eventually foster customer loyalty and expansion.

PwC: Enhancing value generation

PwC's clients particularly value our strategic, quantitative, and qualitative approach: Our Fit for Growth as well as Capability-driven Strategy combined with our function- and industry-specific Commercial Excellence Framework significantly contribute to achieving the next level of professionalization and digitization in marketing, sales, pricing, and service. Typically, our clients achieve their ambitions within three to six months.

Creating a unique Customer Strategy

Fit for Growth Customer Success Strategy

Whether large global corporations or local companies, traditional family businesses or start-ups: They all strive for growth and above-average returns. The first step in achieving these goals is often reducing expenditure, while many executives see it as a mere burden to indiscriminately cut costs companywide.

Profitable growth is based on a consistent distinction between protecting “good” and cutting “bad” costs. To transform your cost structure and generate profitable growth, you need a strategic approach.

Each company needs to identify its strengths and weaknesses before deciding where to invest and where to cut costs. PwC's Fit for Growth approach helps you distinguish “good” from “bad” costs – and achieve lasting success.

PwC’s client strategy helps companies strengthen their core competencies, reduce their expense, and grow in the long term. We look at the entire value chain, assess the corporate strategy, and define vital competitive advantages. On this basis, we elaborate a strategic approach to cost management and reallocate investments mutually with your company from “bad” to “good” cost positions. Since a Fit for Growth Change often affects all company areas, we designed our collaborative approach to support all business units during the transformation phase.

Capability-driven Customer Strategy

PwC’s Customer Strategy develops consistent, performance-driven customer and market strategies aligned at every level. Only companies that pursue a clear strategic direction, cultivate differentiation capabilities, and build on their strengths are proven to remain sustainably competitive.

We recommend that companies be oriented to market signals, competitors, and short-term customer opinions but, above all, do what they do best. They should identify the best three to six capabilities that differentiate them from the competition and develop them further to leverage their top customer capabilities optimally, becoming the best in the market.

Our Capability-Driven Customer Strategy is also about aligning the top capabilities identified with the greatest market opportunities. When companies succeed in this, they collect “consistency bonuses”. PwC supports you in mastering this challenge – with all the expertise and experience of a trusted global consulting firm with over 295,000 employees.

Commercial Excellence Benchmarking

PwC has extensive quantitative and qualitative databases that allow you to quickly benchmark the quality of all commercial areas of your business against your competition. For example, our data includes structural KPIs (such as marketing costs), digital KPIs (such as CTR), performance KPIs (like revenue per sales representative), process KPIs (FCR), and technical KPIs (such as CRM usage). If data availability of your company is given, we are able to deliver a quantitative benchmarking or a qualitative benchmarking, in which we examine your tools, processes and systems, each within a few days.

“In the course of the digital transformation of sales, marketing, service, and pricing, it is essential to develop a unique customer strategy. The goal is to increase profitability and customer loyalty through an optimised customer experience.”

Matthias Riveiro,Partner at PwC Germany


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