Advice on transaction financing

Perhaps a company would benefit from a transaction, but there is a lack of capital? PwC’s finance experts work independently of banks and products to support businesses in selecting suitable capital investors and developing a financing concept based on integrated planning.

Financing transactions is generally very complex. Both the financing of the acquisition and the target's current financing situation need to be considered when developing the transaction structure. Parallel refinancing of existing loans (credit liabilities) is often required.

PwC's experienced experts identify suitable structures and tools and introduce you to potential investors in the marketplace. Finance tools frequently used for acquisitions include syndicated loans, vendor loans, mezzanine capital as well as private equity.

An integrated budget overview and a joint information memorandum from the vendor and the target business form the basis of transaction financing. PwC provides professional support to its clients and also outlines the tax effects.

A summary of our services:

  • Securing acquisition financing
  • Minimising financing costs
  • Increasing confidence in decision-making
  • Releasing (private) securities and land charges
  • Developing flexible financing sources
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