Connected and autonomous supply chain ecosystems 2025

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Dr. Reinhard Geissbauer
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Welcome to the digital supply chain

Customer behaviours and expectations are changing dramatically, challenging the established supply chain and operations setups of leading industrial companies. Supply chains are increasingly facing major disruptions, with the impact of COVID-19 at the top of the list. And digital technologies are affecting every aspect of how companies run their businesses. To succeed in this evolving marketplace, companies need to transform linear supply chains into autonomous supply chain ecosystems.

“Developing advanced supply chain capabilities makes strong economic sense and gives companies the agility needed to respond to disruptions.”

Reinhard Geissbauer,Global Digital Operations Partner

"1.8 years payback period of investing into advanced supply chain capabilities. And that’s just the beginning."

Study Overview

Investments into supply chain excellence pay off

In our recent research, we surveyed more than 1,600 supply chain executives to identify those companies that are ahead of the curve on supply chain excellence. We call them Digital Supply Chain Champions, and they are proving that investments pay off in.

Digital champions 2025 – successful in the area of networked and autonomous end-to-end supply chain ecosystems

What supply chain skills do leading companies invest in?


Cross-functional organisation

How should companies set up supply chain teams and communities?
Set up cross-functional teams, communities and supply chain centres of excellence to drive advanced capabilities by applying continuous development and deployment approaches.

Digital supply chain upskilling

What should companies do to make sure employees have the right skills?
Establish a self-learning and continuously improving organisation through attracting digital talent and digital upskilling of the supply chain workforce.

Technical enablement

What’s most important when it comes to IT?Establish a state-of-the-art technology backbone and embed advanced analytics and IT into supply chain to enable business-led transformations by bringing business, processes, IT and advanced analytics together.

Collaboration with ecosystem partners

Who should be involved?
Establish new collaboration models with an extended partner ecosystem to drive innovation in the supply chain

Live Webinar “Supply chain excellence in turbulent times”

In a live webinar on April 21, we launched our digital supply chain study “Connected and autonomous supply chain ecosystems 2025”. During the webinar four leading companies, Continental, Nokia, IKEA and Bayer Crop Science, presented practical examples of innovative supply chain solutions. Did you miss the live webinar?

You can watch it here

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