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Anita Kim-Reinartz, Leader Forensic Services at PwC Germany

Anita Kim-Reinartz
Leader Forensic Services at PwC Germany
Tel: +49 160 94412272

Less complexity, more transparency

In the event of violations of laws and corporate guidelines, it is crucial to secure legally sound evidence as quickly as possible. In complex cases, especially, a large number of documents, emails, chat histories and perhaps even the company-wide cloud must be analyzed for relevant evidence.Connected eDiscovery specializes in just that, making it easy for you and your staff to prepare and investigate your eDiscovery cases – from data collection through to productions and settlement.

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More transparency

This integrated end-to-end solution is fully harmonized and uses the most up-to-date analysis tools, such as technology-assisted review (TAR) and AI review optimization (AIRO). While TAR automatically marks documents as ‘relevant’ or ‘not relevant’ learning from the decisions previously made by the user, AIRO considers the contextual meaning of words and automatically filters out relevant text passages from documents. Connected eDiscovery thus streamlines your processes, reduces your response times, and cuts your manual document review effort by upto 80 percent.

Less complexity

Connected eDiscovery provides you all the tools you need to handle cases completely on your own, from the creation of a case file through to evidence that can be used in court. All of the tools and technology that you need are embedded within an intuitive web interface and designed in such a way that you can quickly set up an automated pipeline but also intervene manually at any time. Helpful features, such as the semi-automated redaction of sensitive information, also support you in adhering to compliance requirements, for example  with regards to data protection.

As a result, you are able to act at any time and no longer have to rely on external service providers or expensive third-party software. This solution offers you with everything you need to handle your eDiscovery cases from a single source.

Advice from PwC experts available around the clock

Connected eDiscovery gives you access to the expertise and know-how of experienced PwC experts around the clock and as you require: For example, with Managed eReview on demand, a competent team of IT and legal tech specialists as well as forensic experts and analysts is available to you at any time and will be happy to provide you with individual support in complex cases.

eDiscovery: Bundle internal competencies or partner with external service providers?

Is your company planning to build or expand in-house eDiscovery capabilities? If so, you are probably facing a variety of issues and decisions. Find out what to consider when implementing a technical solution, which options are available and why a hybrid approach can be the right way for your company.

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Overview of Connected eDiscovery

  • Integrated solution within the comprehensive Connected Digital Services concierge platform
  • Modern technologies and expert advice from one source
  • Immediate and autonomous processing of eDiscovery cases
  • Intelligent analysis tools for the fast and secure identification of relevant evidence – even with large data volumes
  • Greater efficiency and security through artificial intelligence and automated processes
  • Less effort and cost in reviewing documents – significantly less manual reviews required
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface

Connected Digital Services

Connected eDiscovery is one of the integrated solutions of our Connected Digital Services concierge platform. The platform combines various solutions, analysis and monitoring tools with PwC's know-how to form an integrated, scalable offering that makes compliance, forensics and risk management faster, more secure and more efficient.

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Anita Kim-Reinartz

Anita Kim-Reinartz

Partner, Leader Forensic Services, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 160 94412272