Dispute Analysis and Litigation Support

Even after careful negotiation, contracts can lead to disputes between the parties owing to differences in interpretation. For example, an alteration to the responsibilities in the area covered by the contract may, over time, give rise to fundamentally different understandings. These can lead to unpleasant, time-consuming and costly disputes. We support companies as they navigate this territory with advice, analyses and expert opinions for finding the best solution, both in out-of-court and in-court proceedings and in arbitration.

No matter which way a company chooses to settle disputes, we stand ready to assist, both in out-of-court and in-court proceedings and in arbitration. Our experts are also active in the field themselves – as moderators, mediators, members of arbitration panels or as arbitration experts or arbitrators in out-of-court alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings.

Close cooperation within our international PwC network enables us to provide skilled assistance to companies in cross-border litigation.

With our experience and expertise, we give companies the ability to act with confidence when dealing with unpleasant, time-consuming and costly disputes between contracting parties. Court-ready, factual documentation and expert opinions prepared by us help to accelerate decision-making in both in-court proceedings and alternative conflict resolution. They also save time and money. Moreover, our support increases the likelihood that claims can be successfully asserted or rebutted, as the case may be.

Our areas of action:

  • Acquisition disputes
    Disputes over the purchase price and valuation issues when buying or selling companies, or parts of companies
  • Shareholder disputes
    Shareholder and partner disputes, for example over information and inspection rights or compensation claims
  • Commercial disputes
    Disputes over price adjustment clauses in supply and service contracts and lost profits
  • Intellectual Property (IP) disputes
    Disputes arising from infringements of intellectual property, such as patents and licenses
  • Capital project disputes
    Disputes arising during building projects and plant construction, such as increased construction costs or delays and the assessment of the resulting damages
  • Insurance claims
    Disputes over damages in connection with insurance contracts, such as business interruptions, environmental and product liability or D&O insurance
  • Government contract disputes
    Disputes concerning tenders and contracting processes
  • Antitrust/competition disputes
    Disputes relating to restrictions on competition, such as through competitive agreements, and economic analysis to determine damages
  • Investment disputes
    Disputes over investment protection agreements, such as compensation claims by investors in ICSID proceedings

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