The efficiency and security of internal business processes significantly influence the competitive environment. For private equity firms in particular, an increase in value during the holding period of an investment is of great importance. Additionally, both current and future developments in compliance regulations pose new challenges for the structuring of business and information technology processes. In collaboration with the PwC teams, firms increase their potential and gain long-term competitive advantages – here you can profit from the distinct know-how and skills of our private equity experts.

Financial & Reporting Services

Value growth through thorough and comprehensive reporting and efficient back-office functions

Acquisitions are aimed at leveraging a firm’s performance and profitability potential. The support functions of accounting and controlling can make a contribution – through informative, action-oriented reporting and performance management, as well as a lean organisation with efficient processes.

What we do for you:

  • Prompt preparation of reports and analyses that meet your requirements, in addition to those of the management
  • Streamlining of the organisational structure through new task allocations and processes
  • Identification of savings potential and preparation of business plans before the acquisition

Risk Management

Optimal risk management from entry to exit

If you are in the private equity business, you should not be afraid of risks. But you should do everything you can to identify, minimise, and mitigate them.

What we do for you:

  • Risk diligence check of the target and its leadership through discussions with management, document analysis and other background investigations
  • Health check of the existing risk management processes in terms of their quality and suitability
  • Help in setting up a risk management function, including setting goals, roles, responsibilities and scope of resources



Creating value through responsible investments

Environmental and social issues are playing an increasingly important role in investment decisions. At the same time, corporate governance has evolved into a matter of public interest . In order to reflect these new realities, a tailored ESG management programme (ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance) is needed.

What we do for you:

  • develop an ESG strategy and a policy and appropriate methods for their implementation
  • analyse your portfolio, perform ESG assessments for you and develop appropriate KPIs
  • We develop a programme to improve the portfolio company’s sustainability performance including regular ESG reporting

Integrated procurement optimisation

Margin improvement and competitive advantage through optimal supplier management

In order to operate successfully in local and global markets, companies must ensure that they choose the best suppliers in terms of quality, flexibility, innovation and price leadership. That makes procurement a significant long-term value driver.

What we do for you:

  • Performance of strategy health checks and development of globalisation strategies, shared service centre strategies and procurement cost strategies
  • Organisational design, organisational optimisation, assessment of employee skills and procurement training
  • Procurement output analysis, optimisation of procurement reporting, selection of procurement systems and development of e-sourcing strategies

Sales, After Sales, Pricing & Marketing

Opportunities before, during and after due diligence

Transactions in which sales, after sales, pricing and marketing are already taken into account during the due diligence process achieve significantly higher EBITDA results. Nevertheless, these topics are still neglected in most due diligence proceedings.

What we do for you:

  • Identification and evaluation of all relevant performance indicators in the areas of sales, after sales, pricing and marketing, as well as industry and country-specific benchmarking by our international team
  • Quantitative and qualitative determination of opportunities and risks in the areas of sales, after sales, pricing and marketing, which in our experience are not factored into most due diligence
  • Realistic assessment of the effort and time required to leverage these potentials

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