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Achieve more – and faster – with low-code, outcome-oriented applications

The concept of an ideal working world has fundamentally changed in recent years. Instead of the traditional centralised approaches of the past, more companies are embracing new, flexible organisational models that support hybrid working and enable teams to collaborate from any location. But new models present challenges and demands around existing business processes and application landscapes. Not all companies can navigate the complexity and implement a new model independently. 

With Appian’s low-code technology, we help companies quickly set up new workflows and applications. The Appian platform accelerates application development, simplifies integration, unifies processes, and enables end-to-end data management with industry-leading automation capabilities. These include artificial intelligence, document processing, process mining, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

More efficiency thanks to end-to-end automation

Above all, seamless collaboration requires one thing: efficiency. If your week is full of trivial and repetitive tasks, you lose precious time for value-adding and more rewarding activities. And when developers have to keep programming new makeshift solutions to help, their productivity suffers—not to mention the integration, interoperability, and process fidelity of isolated applications. To form a unified model, solutions for managing business processes usually need to access many data sources. Exchanging data between systems requires a high development effort, impacting budgets.

A tried and tested strategy for automated workflows 

Low-code automation tools dramatically reduce development time and effort. The tools require minimal coding skills, enabling developers to quickly build highly customisable enterprise-level business applications through intuitively designed interfaces. 

Application delivery via Appian increases efficiency at critical points. Developers quickly achieve results via entirely visual low-code programming environments with special functions for process modelling. At the same time, the rapidly introduced automation solutions benefit users in their everyday work. This principle of quickly delivering business value is relied on by leading companies around the world.

With low-code automation, companies can reduce long development times and manual processes. As a foremost Appian partner, we empower companies in their digital transformation through a holistic approach addressing all stages of their evolution, from strategy to execution.

Our proven strategy is developing easy-to-integrate workflows, increasing efficiencies, and quickly rolling out high-quality, results-oriented applications. Our consulting services, a global network of Appian experts, and many years of experience with the low-code platform and its possibilities allow us to address your individual needs precisely.

PwC Client Solutions Using Appian

On-Site Inspection Manager

On-site inspections by regulatory bodies are frequent, time-consuming and cause considerable stress for regulated companies. Moreover, non-compliance can lead to severe repercussions for the entire organisation. Our On-site Inspection manager guides you through the whole inspection process from start to finish. Our security concept defines roles and responsibilities while delivering 100% transparency. 

Our On-site Inspection Manager reduces the overall time of an on-site inspection by 30%, allowing you to focus on essential tasks. It offers a multitude of features including, but not limited to: 

  • A transparent workflow, which reduces the time spent in meetings
  • Automatic task assignment, so no time is wasted in identifying the right person for the job 
  • Visual dashboards, which save the time spent on reporting
  • Real-time visibility into inspection statuses and responsibilities for enhanced accountability
  • A guided workflow for reviewing and publishing documents.

Ad Hoc Request Manager

Financial institutions are constantly faced with repeated requests for information. These requests cause a great deal of stress, since they are often short-term and deviate from the standard reporting structure. Identifying units and people responsible for answering requests can lead to severe delays and therefore non-compliance with deadlines. A managed process powered by our Ad Hoc Request Manager vastly reduces organizational overhead and guides financial institutions to fulfill every request.

Included features are:

  • Automated request detection
  • Automated proposals for task distribution to assign the right work to the right people
  • Integrated approval process to ensure the quality of the provided information
  • Structure your requests into sub-section and assign them individually

Smart Governance Platform

Guidelines on procedures, policies and compliance are essential to an organisation’s everyday work. However, managing the guidelines and ensuring they are correctly applied can be challenging. Our Smart Governance Platform offers a new approach to overcoming these challenges. Rather than keeping all the guidelines in document form, our application captures them as structured data to support your employees during their daily tasks. By delivering the guidelines to your people, they will waste no more time tediously checking a nearly endless number of documents.

Interactions Hub

The Interactions Hub, a PwC Product, is a one-stop-shop solution for managing healthcare providers (HCPs), healthcare organisations (HCOs) and patient interactions such as consulting engagements, grants, speaker programmes, and expanded access programmes (EAPs). The hub digitises processes end-to-end, from planning through contracting to payment. Natively linking to our spend transparency and regulatory solutions offers you a holistic view of your interactions.

Next Generation Onboarding

For contingent workforce onboarding, licensing, and certification process improvements, the PwC-leveraged Appian as a digital platform significantly reduces onboarding time. The solution manages exception tracking and information sharing via a robust business process management platform to certify and contract contingent workers. The platform has realised time savings of ~64,000 hours across ~800 contingent workers and integrations with 80+ third parties. 

Deals Accelerator

Deal settlement for private markets and alternative asset managers demands extensive coordination and collaboration with multiple service providers. Often, this communication is managed manually – knitting together disparate groups, systems, and processes through email chains and phone calls. This manual effort results in significant inefficiencies and challenges in ensuring data quality. Redesigning the deal settlement process and implementing Appian drives efficiency gains of ~40%, improves data quality and reduces operational risks. Our Deals Accelerator leverages AI and robotics, which scales to your future growth and accommodates additional complexities. 

Know Your Business Partner

Our Know Your Business Partner (KYBP) platform is an automated software solution that enables our clients to implement processes for maintaining compliance and quality while reducing administrative effort significantly. The KYBP platform enables companies of all sizes and industries to manage their business relationships effectively and risk-appropriately, ensuring the integrity of every business partner in a process-oriented way. Our application guides you through the entire business partner process, from determining the requirements to internal documentation and signing the contract. Using KYBP is intuitive; you can adjust its content individually using selectable modules. 

ESG Assessment Tool

The identification and mitigation of environmental, social, and governance risks associated with lending activities, as well as assisting banks in meeting regulatory requirements, reducing compliance risks are key value adds of the tools.

“Something that used to take us five weeks to develop, we can now develop by tomorrow using Appian.”

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Dr. Ralph Schöneberger

Dr. Ralph Schöneberger

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