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Katja Morgia
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Drawing on culture to achieve your desired results

Corporate culture is a determining factor for employee behaviour within companies. Internally, it functions as a guiding framework that influences conduct throughout the entire company. Because the realignment of structures and processes takes a priority when making changes, corporate culture often gets overlooked. This constitutes a failure because the corporate culture is the compass that guides transformations towards long-term success.

Successful companies understand the patterns of behaviour that are deeply embedded in their culture and know which ones facilitate the desired changes in their organisation and which ones impede progress. Corporate cultures are not rigid models. Therefore, both time and expertise are necessary to analyse the culture of a given company, to change it step by step, and to maintain it over the long term. Companies benefit from motivated staff, higher productivity, and increased appeal as an employer.

How we can help

The expert team from PwC will accompany you on your way towards a culture that is congruent with your corporate objectives. We will assist you with the tasks of introducing, implementing, and maintaining changes.

Cultural analysis
The experts from PwC will assist you in assessing your culture specifically, precisely, and objectively. To do this, we will hold meetings with your senior staff and conduct workshops, surveys, or interviews with focus groups. We will identify and analyse the cultural features that characterize your company, including your strengths as well as weaknesses.

Strategic cultural planning
Our experts from PwC will guide you in developing a strategic culture plan that focuses on particularly relevant patterns of behaviour, referred to as the “critical few”. We will work together with you to define your cultural ambitions and single out your “critical few”. Working on this basis, we will assist you in improving your performance and driving forward developments.

Integrating the formal and informal
We will assist you in fostering new formal and informal behaviors. Informal methods can be implemented through changes in patterns of communication and cooperation between employees. Changes in structures or processes are not necessary for this purpose. Changes in behavior entailing formal mechanisms are singled out when dealing with the “critical few” and are then implemented in a systematic manner.

Quantifying changes in behaviour
We understand that making progress palpable and comprehensible for your company demands the right quantification methods and tools. The experts from PwC will assist you in defining quantifiable objectives and design criteria at all stages of your transformation.

Using market-leading tools
We use a series of market-leading PwC tools for our work, for example:

  • Conduct first
  • Real-time behavioural analysis
  • Performance orientation
  • Culture Diagnostic Accelerator™

Katzenbach Center

The Katzenbach Center helps clients close the gap between strategy and implementation by putting their philosophy into practice. With a network of professionals who advise in different industries, regions and client situations, we help our clients leverage the strengths of their corporate culture and the knowledge of their teams to promote performance.

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