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Next generation digital rewards management

Modern companies are increasingly relying on harmonised cloud solutions for digital rewards management. PwC’s Total Rewards Analytics app is a great example of this, functioning as an intelligent add-on for SAP SuccessFactors that offers many benefits for your HR function, your managers and your employees. The solution supports all performance-based compensation systems: it enables transparent planning aligned with your organisation’s strategy, and helps your HR function with processing compensation and benefits (C&B). 

Total Rewards Analytics displays all compensation and benefits data on a single dashboard, providing transparency for employees and giving your leaders the information they need to make fact-based decisions. Ultimately, this helps you to deliver fair, transparent and effective total rewards across your teams and your organisation.

The solution also delivers high-quality data, helping your organisation to meet company standards and ensure compliance with general legal regulations, such as “equal pay for equal work”.

Revolutionise your rewards management system today with an app that delivers transparency, efficiency, is easy to use and allows integration with SAP SuccessFactors. 

Total Rewards Analytics in profile

HR management

A range of advantages for compensation and benefits
Seamless data transfer from SAP SuccessFactors modules or external providers is particularly useful for your HR function. When it comes to compensation and benefits, intelligent compensation management systems are the ideal solution to help your HR managers attract, motivate and retain suitable employees. Total Rewards Analytics keeps you one step ahead of your competitors in the war for talent.

Top management

Support for strategic decision-making
Your leaders need to perform comprehensive analyses to accelerate business growth and manage costs. Total Rewards Analytics provides insights into all elements and structures of your employee rewards packages (including “hidden” benefits), enabling more strategic decision making.

Our app helps you to:

  • optimise resources in HR management, 
  • ensure transparency and fairness to motivate employees, and
  • communicate total compensation effectively to all employees.


Availability and completeness of data
Total Rewards Analytics enables your employees to access information on the makeup of their C&B packages at any time. The app shows both fixed and variable compensation, as well as benefits and other rewards. Statistics and charts are also available at any time, showing employees how their rewards have developed over time, their current C&B status, and their target figures. All this means that Total Rewards Analytics is a one-stop shop for your employees when it comes to their C&B packages – making them really feel like they are under professional management, provided with transparent information, and given fair rewards for their work.

Legal and compliance

The advantages of digitalisation and high-quality data
Consistent digital processes and the availability of verified data in Total Rewards Analytics are key benefits for your legal and compliance teams. In turn, this enables you to target selected analyses that are relevant to ensuring compliance and to better manage potential business risks for your company.

Sales leaders and sales operations

Transparency on rewards across your business
Commission-based pay arrangements are common in modern sales functions, while rewards systems for other areas usually differ significantly and are often managed in different departments. Total Rewards Analytics creates cross-functional transparency, and ensures company-wide consistency in your organisation’s total rewards programme. 

Transparent, efficient and convenient rewards management

How transparency pays off

Making better decisions

Total Rewards Analytics provides full transparency on base salaries, performance-based or skill-based compensation, and other benefits – by employee, by team or company-wide on a comparable annual basis. C&B information can be sorted and displayed by functional area, gender, age category, and job classification to drive your company on its journey towards fair pay. Having more information available also helps with digital performance management: this enables you to see and compare details on the structure and level of total rewards.

Total Rewards Analytics:

  • combines reliable software with PwC’s HR expertise, 
  • enables reliable business decisions based on consistent data, and
  • provides intuitive dashboards with customisable views for all employees.  


Driving efficiency

Reducing costs and risks

Total Rewards Analytics increases the efficiency of your rewards system by highlighting obvious discrepancies to your managers and giving rapid warning of any need for action. This additional transparency in your total rewards system also helps with communications in pay reports and supports compliance with industry-specific compensation regulations. 

Total Rewards Analytics offers a sustainable solution to help you:

  • save costs and resources in C&B management, 
  • minimise risks and poor decisions,
  • proactively comply with regulations, 
  • actively communicate total rewards to employees, and
  • provide transparency to your workforce.

User experience drives action

Enabling a focus on change

Total Rewards Analytics enables easy, secure and efficient management of all compensation tools thanks to an intuitive, clear and informative user interface. This means that you can focus on interpreting the information, planning appropriate action and stimulating development. 

Further advantages include:

  • full compatibility with SAP SuccessFactors for HR processes (including the Employee Central software module),
  • simplified decision-making around performance and rewards management (pay, performance, benefits etc.), and
  • support with digital transformation of your human capital management or rewards management systems.

“Total Rewards Analytics helps organisations to implement fair and equal pay policies and has a positive effect on all your staff – because transparency promotes employee satisfaction and identification with the job.”

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