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Michael Kirsten Dynamics Lead at PwC Germany

Michael Kirsten
Dynamics Lead at PwC Germany
Tel.: +49 151 59985485

Utilise CRM/ERP technology correctly to achieve maximum efficiency

In recent years, many companies have invested in expensive CRM/ERP technologies – with no evidence of any apparent success. This is often attributable to the fact that no holistic consideration was given to its implementation. At PwC, our focus is precisely on adopting this holistic approach. Antiquated processes are often transferred 1:1 to the new system, even though the technology is more advanced than the existing processes. This discrepancy between outdated processes and modern systems results in unrealised potential and dissatisfied employees.

Our aim is to harmonise business processes and the scope of system functions. This is only possible if technical and procedural expertise is combined with system knowledge. Our experienced team can support you – from the conceptualisation of a CRM/ERP transformation to its go-live and even beyond. We see ourselves as a trustworthy partner on hand to accompany you throughout your entire journey. Our services are flexible and adapt to your needs so that you get exactly the support that suits you.

“Listen to your customers and your employees, they are the most important thing and they define your company.”

Sadja Nadella,CEO Microsoft


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We support you in using Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the best possible way for your company.

Customer Service

With PwC, you will experience a sustainable transformation – from a reactive call centre to a proactive digital contact centre. Our expertise is demonstrated by the effective interaction of Dynamics 365 and state-of-the-art GenAI technology, as well as cross-industry service expertise and process understanding. Our strength lies in developing customised service strategies and optimally connecting your company with technology. We are convinced of the success offered by holistic transformation efforts, and support you in realising your full potential in customer service. Let us analyse your current challenges and identify new business opportunities. Contact us today for a no-obligation exchange of ideas.


Customer data is often located in different silos and systems within the company. This renders it difficult to obtain a comprehensive customer picture and utilise the data profitably. With Microsoft’s “Customer Insights” platform, we help you to break down these silos and achieve a 360-degree view of your customers. This enables you to establish a data-driven and precise marketing strategy, while always addressing your customers at the right time and in the right way. Seamless integration into other divisions – such as Sales and Service – means that you can also use these options for addressing customers beyond the traditional marketing channels. Contact us today for a no-obligation exchange of ideas, to improve your customer experience.

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Success in sales depends, to a large extent, on understanding the customer’s needs and building a relationship rooted in trust with the customer – this requires a time investment that should not be underestimated. At PwC, we understand this point very well, and provide you and your employees with an efficient tool in the form of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AI-supported technologies – such as Sales Copilot. Combined with our in-depth understanding of processes, this technological expertise enables us to strike the ideal balance between process adjustments and technological optimisations. Together, we can eliminate administrative tasks, identify and realise potential and enable your sales staff to spend more time with the customer! Contact us today for a no-obligation exchange of ideas.

Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a modular solution for business applications that enables you to keep an overview of your entire company. The increasing expectations of customers in terms of fast, personalised service and the transparent communication of the required information mean that business processes to be adapted. Disruptive technologies – such as Generative AI – are accelerating this change. PwC supports you in adapting ERP systems to customer expectations, and thus increasing overall customer satisfaction. Our experts not only possess technological expertise, but also industry knowledge in the disciplines of Finance, Supply Chain, HR and Project Controlling. We will work with you to identify optimisation potential, implement technical solutions and support the holistic transformation of your business applications.

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Michael Kirsten

Michael Kirsten

Dynamics Lead, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 151 59985485

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Memik Inel

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