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Carsten Lukas
Senior Manager, Product Lead Virtual Spaces, PwC Germany
Tel: +49 175 185-6298

The versatile communication platform for immersive experiences

Virtual Spaces is a versatile and secure solution that provides unique employee and customer experiences within the metaverse – developed in close cooperation between PwC and the digital agency Demodern. With its modular structure, this browser-based platform offers an ideal passageway into virtual worlds where anything is possible – from meetings, workshops, and project spaces to training and job fairs as well as customer events and show rooms. 

With a single click, employees, applicants and customers can access a diverse range of digital spaces where they can interact intuitively and authentically via personalised avatars. Sensitive data are also dealt with in a secure manner.

“Immersion in a virtual business world where collaboration is seamless and secure and in which you can feel the DNA of the company – that is precisely what Virtual Spaces offers.”

Carsten Lukas,Senior Manager, Product Lead Virtual Spaces at PwC Germany

Virtual Spaces from PwC – a versatile solution

For companies 

From daily business such as video calls and chats to workshops and project spaces as well as events and live streams – Virtual Spaces facilitates it all.

For marketing 

Virtual Spaces is ideal for showcasing your company in an authentic manner within the digital realm. From events to show rooms, your customers can experience everything online or via a hybrid approach.

For HR

As a touchpoint for job offers, recruiting events, meetings with applicants, onboarding programmes and training, Virtual Spaces provides an authentic solution for HR departments.

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Stronger presence in the business metaverse

How companies benefit from PwC’s Virtual Spaces

Virtual Spaces enables an authentic presence in the virtual world that is appealing to all while also facilitating efficient collaboration. Whether it is purely business meetings, inspiring events or recruiting activities – you can position yourself as an innovative pioneer and make your company an immersive experience. This increases loyalty among customers and employees while also creating an amicable environment. 

Virtual Spaces from PwC – a convincing technological solution

UX and UI

Personalised and intuitive

  • User experience based on best practices and New Work principles from PwC 
  • Virtual presence with an authentic feeling thanks to personalisable avatars 
  • Intuitive and direct interaction via avatars, video calls and chats
  • Diverse applications and possibilities for personalisation 
  • High level of acceptance due to joy of use 
  • Browser-based – can be used without installing any third-party software
  • Intuitive self-service management of the platform 

Technical features

Reliable and scalable

  • The highest German security standards 
  • All data are encrypted and stored within the EU
  • Scalable technological infrastructure 
  • Intelligent user management 
  • Interactive web experience in a 3D multi-user environment using the most up-to-date web technologies 
  • Video calls with up to 50 persons
  • Uploading of videos, images and PDFs
  • Integration of trusted tools such as Google Workspace, Slido, Miro, YouTube etc. 
  • Can always be adjusted to meet changing user requirements


Positioning companies authentically within a virtual world

Start your workday with the feeling that everything is going smoothly – whether at your conventional office, in home office or at the premises of your customers. Users of Virtual Spaces can navigate their way through the world of digital opportunities via their personalised avatars while linking such experiences with real life as effectively as possible. 

Reach colleagues quickly using the “short digital route to work”, have all the information and tools for joint presentations to hand within project spaces and share news items within the virtual office on your way to an interview with a job applicant – all this and more is possible with Virtual Spaces. 

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Carsten Lukas

Carsten Lukas

Senior Manager, Product Lead Virtual Spaces, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 175 185-6298

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Christoph Weigel

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