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There are many facets to a business. And the services PwC has to offer are just as multifaceted. On behalf of our clients, we'll take care of all matters concerning auditing and provide audit-related services, tax advice, human resources and advisory support. And just as businesses transform, so too do the experts at PwC by continually refining their performance.


PwC in Germany has more than 500 transaction experts and strategy consultants to deal with decision-based analyses and comprehensive transaction consulting for mergers and takeovers. At their disposal, they have experience from more than 1,000 successful transactions over the last ten years. As one of the world’s leading transaction consultants, PwC assists companies throughout all phases of transactions - from the very first idea, to strategy development and implementation, to integration upon completion of the transaction. more

Financing and investment

Irrespective of whether a company is in a foundation, growth or maturity stage: Questions on investments and financing always play a central role. In view of the volume of capital involved and the long-term capital tie-up, investment decisions represent numerous opportunities and risks for businesses. Rational financing concepts are called for in order to cover capital requirements in the long-term. The experts at PwC assist companies with the choice of suitable lenders and evaluate their optional choices of action for investment projects. more

Restoration, restructuring and forensic services

What makes a restructuring concept successful and sustainable over the long term? What can be done about liquidity and cash flow blockages, or fraud? Discovering opportunities and new perspectives for companies is the core competence of the experts of PwC. They analyse business plans, develop reorganization concepts and restructuring measures and put them into place. Furthermore, they assist companies with the prevention as well as the clarification of corporate crime with sound crisis and conflict management. more

Strategy, organisation, processes and systems

The efficiency and reliability of internal processes are important factors in today's competitive environment. New challenges for process design and information technology are posed by current and future regulations. Together with teams from PwC, companies can realise their potential to improve competitiveness on an ongoing basis. more

Financial accounting, reporting and auditing services

As one of the leading international accounting firms, PwC offers comprehensive experience in all areas of accounting and auditing. PwC experts advise in the preparation of reporting under national and international accounting standards, building on cooperation with specialists across all industries. They audit and report on statutory accounts, provide expert analysis on specific issues, and are available to respond to individual assurance needs. more


Tax considerations always play a role in decision making. With this in mind, PwC tax experts concentrate on the need to enhance professional competence with industry expertise. This enables the hand-picked team to tailor its advice to the business objectives of the client. Internationally, the team can draw on the experience of the PwC network in 154 countries. A central PwC client contact brings this knowledge and experience together giving the client the benefit of a "one-stop-shop" on strategic matters with a centrally coordinated local service for local compliance and planning issues. more

Regulated industries

Regulated industries, such as the financial, energy and telecommunications sectors, are bound by tight regulatory regimes. The regulation experts from PwC advise companies on projects, including financial oversight legislation, and develop innovative solutions to energy and environmental challenges. PwC also provides support for businesses on pricing and compensation regulations, such as audits carried out in accordance with pricing laws. more

The Academy

Qualified and motivated employees are crucial to any business. PwC offers seminars for leaders and employees in diverse industries. Subjects range from international accounting to corporate governance and risk management. Participants benefit from the knowledge and experience of PwC specialists, with expertise provided using traditional and electronic media. Along with studies, analyses and commentaries, online tools provide a comfortable avenue for research. With respect to knowledge and knowledge transfer we also support you in the selection of appropriate tools and their application in corporate practice. more