Restoration, restructuring and forensic services

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What makes a restructuring concept successful and sustainable over the long term? What can be done about liquidity and cash flow blockages, or fraud? Discovering opportunities and new perspectives for companies is the core competence of the experts of PwC. They analyse business plans, develop reorganization concepts and restructuring measures and put them into place. Furthermore, they assist companies with the prevention as well as the clarification of corporate crime with sound crisis and conflict management.

Restoration and restructuring

If strategic crises are not detected early enough, the consequences are often far-reaching: a consistent failure to meet performance and profitability targets and slow undermining of the financial efficiency of a company. If unplanned negative effects then occur, the company no longer has the strength to react. The situation often escalates rapidly into a liquidity crisis. PwC’s restoration and restructuring consultants draw up reorganization reports and develop comprehensive restructuring concepts. more

Forensic services

Precisely in times of economic turmoil, a particularly important role is played by the prevention and complete clarification of corporate crime occurrences such as embezzlement or corruption. PwC assists companies with the definition of responsibilities and the detection and handling of criminal offences. PwC's experts also advise in disputes (expert reports for arbitration proceedings, court proceedings), commercial contracts and insurance claims. more